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How to pronounce missionary (audio)

Dictionary definition of missionary

A person who is dedicated to promoting and spreading a particular religion or belief system.
"The missionary traveled to a remote village to spread the word of God."

Detailed meaning of missionary

Missionaries are often associated with Christianity, but people from many different religions may also be considered missionaries. Missionaries typically travel to different regions or countries to spread their beliefs and convert people to their religion. They often work among communities that are not familiar with their religion and may face challenges such as language barriers and cultural differences. Missionaries may also provide education, healthcare, and other services to the communities in which they work. The goal of a missionary is to share their religious beliefs and practices with others in order to help them live a better, more fulfilling life. Missionary work can be done through different means such as speaking, writing, teaching, or providing services.

Example sentences containing missionary

1. The missionary traveled to remote villages to spread their religious teachings.
2. They dedicated their life to serving as a missionary in foreign countries.
3. The missionary provided medical aid to impoverished communities.
4. They lived in a missionary compound while working on their humanitarian projects.
5. The missionary learned the local language to better communicate with the people.
6. They taught literacy skills as part of their missionary work.

History and etymology of missionary

The noun 'missionary' has an etymology that is closely tied to the religious and exploratory history of Western cultures. It originates from the Latin word 'missionarius,' which means 'one who is sent' or 'an envoy.' The term 'missionarius' was used within the context of the early Christian church to refer to individuals who were sent to foreign lands to propagate Christianity and its teachings. This sense of being sent on a mission to spread religious beliefs has endured in the word 'missionary.' Over time, 'missionary' has come to represent anyone dedicated to promoting and spreading a particular religion or belief system, not limited to Christianity. Its etymology underscores the central role of purposeful dissemination of faith and ideology in the work of missionaries throughout history.

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Further usage examples of missionary

1. The missionary built schools and clinics in underserved areas.
2. They relied on donations to support their missionary endeavors.
3. The missionary shared stories of hope and faith with the local community.
4. They faced numerous challenges as a missionary but remained dedicated to their cause.
5. The missionary organized community development projects to improve living conditions.
6. They collaborated with local leaders to address social issues as a missionary.
7. The missionary provided counseling and emotional support to those in need.
8. They fostered cultural exchange and understanding as a missionary.
9. The missionary organized religious services and ceremonies for the community.
10. They promoted sustainable agriculture and self-sufficiency as a missionary.
11. The missionary served as a bridge between different cultures and traditions.
12. They faced cultural barriers but persevered in their missionary work.
13. The missionary supported orphanages and cared for vulnerable children.
14. They trained local volunteers to continue the work of the missionary.



evangelist, nonbeliever, atheist, agnostic


Prefix mis-, Advocacy and Support, Commitment and Responsibility, Devotion and Discipline, Effort and Exertion, Doctrine and Utopian

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