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How to pronounce modus-vivendi (audio)

Dictionary definition of modus-vivendi

A way of resolving a difficult situation by finding a compromise or a mutually acceptable solution.
"She reached a modus vivendi with her family to reconcile their differences."

Detailed meaning of modus-vivendi

Latin for "way of living", it is often used in the context of diplomacy and politics, to describe a temporary or provisional agreement between two or more parties that allows them to coexist or cooperate, even though they may not agree on all issues or have fundamental differences. The term can also be used in a more general sense, to describe a way of resolving conflicts or difficulties in any situation, whether it is personal, professional or social. In literature and media, it can be used to describe the way a character or group of people deal with a difficult situation or a conflict, by finding a compromise or a mutually acceptable solution. The phrase is often used to remind people that conflicts or difficulties can be resolved by finding a compromise or a mutually acceptable solution rather than by force or by one party imposing its will on the other.

Example sentences containing modus-vivendi

1. Their modus vivendi ensures peaceful coexistence and effective cooperation.
2. A diplomatic modus vivendi promotes harmony and prevents conflicts.
3. Finding a modus vivendi requires mutual respect and open communication.
4. They embrace compromise as their modus vivendi, fostering collaboration.
5. The modus vivendi balances competing interests while reducing disputes.
6. They rely on a modus vivendi for stability and long-term success.

History and etymology of modus-vivendi

The noun 'modus vivendi' is Latin in origin, where 'modus' means 'way' or 'manner,' and 'vivendi' comes from 'vivere,' meaning 'to live.' In Latin, 'modus vivendi' was used to describe a way of living or a lifestyle. In modern usage, it has evolved to represent a way of resolving a difficult situation by finding a compromise or a mutually acceptable solution. The etymology of 'modus vivendi' underscores the idea of finding a practical and harmonious way of living or coexisting, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and compromise in resolving complex issues or disputes between parties.

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Further usage examples of modus-vivendi

1. Mutual understanding is key to their well-defined modus vivendi.
2. A pragmatic modus vivendi serves their goals and eases tensions.
3. Respect for diversity enriches their modus vivendi, fostering unity.
4. Their modus vivendi prevents further conflicts and enhances cooperation.
5. They seek a modus vivendi for common good and mutual growth.
6. In their modus vivendi, compromise and flexibility prevail.
7. The modus vivendi adapts to changing needs, ensuring effectiveness.
8. A constructive modus vivendi is their strategic approach to challenges.
9. They negotiate a modus vivendi that prioritizes collaboration and harmony.
10. Finding a modus vivendi fosters a sense of peace and stability.
11. Their modus vivendi promotes mutual respect and open dialogue.
12. They embrace compromise and adaptability in their modus vivendi.
13. The modus vivendi balances diverse interests, reducing conflicts.
14. They rely on a diplomatic modus vivendi for effective cooperation.
15. Mutual understanding and trust are pillars of their modus vivendi.
16. A well-defined modus vivendi eases tensions and encourages unity.
17. Their modus vivendi accommodates different perspectives and goals.
18. Finding a modus vivendi fosters mutual growth and collaboration.
19. They seek a practical modus vivendi that ensures stability and success.
20. They reached a modus vivendi and were able to coexist peacefully.
21. She found a modus vivendi that allowed her to balance her work and personal life.
22. The two nations established a modus vivendi to resolve their differences.
23. He found a modus vivendi with his neighbor to avoid any conflicts.
24. She reached a modus vivendi with her partner to make their relationship work.
25. The company and the union reached a modus vivendi to end the strike.
26. He found a modus vivendi with his colleagues to improve the work environment.
27. The group found a modus vivendi to move forward with their goals.
28. He found a modus vivendi with his roommate to divide the responsibilities.
29. She reached a modus vivendi with her classmates to make the group project a success.
30. The two religions reached a modus vivendi to coexist peacefully in the region.



compromise, discord, disagreement, conflict


Recognition and Approval, Agreements and Settlements, Diplomacy and Displacement

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