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How to pronounce settlement (audio)


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Dictionary definition of settlement

A place or location where people establish permanent residence or dwellings.
"The archaeological site revealed traces of an ancient human settlement."

Detailed meaning of settlement

It can also denote the act or process of reaching an agreement or resolution in a dispute or legal matter. In the context of human habitation, a settlement typically refers to a community or village where individuals or groups live, work, and engage in social activities. It represents a grouping of buildings, infrastructure, and resources that support the daily lives of its inhabitants. Settlements can vary in size and nature, ranging from small rural villages to bustling urban centers. In the legal sense, a settlement refers to the act of resolving a legal case, dispute, or claim between parties through negotiation or compromise, often resulting in the agreement of terms and conditions. It signifies the mutual agreement and acceptance of terms that brings closure to the legal matter at hand.

Example sentences containing settlement

1. The settlers established a small settlement in the fertile valley.
2. The government provided aid to the victims of the natural disaster in the form of temporary settlements.
3. The conflict between the two parties was resolved through a peaceful settlement.
4. The company reached a settlement with the employees regarding their wage demands.
5. The treaty led to a lasting settlement between the neighboring countries.
6. The colonial era saw the establishment of numerous settlements in the new world.

History and etymology of settlement

The noun 'settlement' owes its etymological origins to the Old English word 'setl,' which referred to a seat, dwelling, or place of residence. This Old English term evolved from the Proto-Germanic word '*satilaz,' which carried a similar notion of a seat or dwelling. In the context of human habitation, 'settlement' came to signify a place or location where people establish permanent residence or dwellings. As societies developed and people began to form more organized communities, the term 'settlement' became particularly associated with the establishment of villages, towns, or cities. It reflects the idea of creating a fixed and habitable place, where people can build their lives and call home, highlighting the essential role of such settlements in the development of human civilization.

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Further usage examples of settlement

1. The housing development project aimed to create affordable settlements for low-income families.
2. The dispute over land ownership resulted in a lengthy legal settlement.
3. The indigenous tribe had a traditional settlement along the riverbank.
4. The nomadic lifestyle contrasts with the permanence of settled communities.
5. The United Nations facilitated a peaceful settlement to the long-standing conflict.
6. The small settlement grew into a bustling town over the years.
7. The ancient settlement's ruins provided insight into the past.
8. They established a peaceful settlement by the river.
9. The indigenous tribe had a harmonious settlement in the forest.
10. The coastal settlement relied heavily on fishing.
11. The government provided aid to the disaster-stricken settlement.
12. A land dispute threatened the harmony of the settlement.
13. The nomadic people eventually found a suitable settlement.
14. The prospectors hoped to strike gold near the settlement.
15. The historic settlement drew tourists from all over.
16. A fresh water source was vital for the desert settlement.
17. The treaty ensured the protection of the settlement.
18. The pioneer's diary detailed life in the early settlement.
19. The settlement's architecture reflected its rich heritage.
20. The rapid growth of the settlement posed challenges.
21. The settlement faced hardships during the harsh winter.
22. The settlement's culture was a blend of diverse influences.
23. The settlers established a thriving agricultural settlement.
24. The ancient settlement's artifacts were of great value.
25. The remote settlement relied on satellite internet for communication.



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