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How to pronounce muster (audio)


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Dictionary definition of muster

To gather or assemble a group of people or things, often for a specific purpose or task.
"The company had to muster all its resources to survive the crisis."

Detailed meaning of muster

When someone musters a group, they bring together individuals, resources, or forces, typically to address a particular situation or achieve a common goal. This term can also be used to describe the act of summoning or collecting one's strength, courage, or determination to confront a challenge or undertake a difficult task. For example, in a military context, troops may be mustered for a mission, or in everyday life, one might muster the courage to have a difficult conversation. "Muster" emphasizes the act of gathering or summoning in various contexts, whether it's for physical presence, mental readiness, or organized effort.

Example sentences containing muster

1. We muster courage to face challenges, drawing from our past experiences for strength.
2. Soldiers muster at dawn, aligning themselves in perfect formation for the day ahead.
3. Activists muster support for their causes, employing social media as a powerful tool.
4. Teachers muster patience when dealing with difficult students, seeking to foster growth.
5. Artists muster creativity from within, often finding inspiration in the most unexpected places.
6. Farmers muster resources for the planting season, meticulously planning every step.

History and etymology of muster

The verb 'muster' has its origins in Old French, where it was derived from the Latin word 'monstrare,' which means 'to show' or 'to display.' In the context of 'muster,' the original sense was to display or show a group of people or troops for review, inspection, or assembly. This Latin root, 'monstrare,' is related to 'monstrum,' meaning 'omen' or 'portent,' as something shown or exhibited. Over time, 'muster' evolved to encompass the idea of gathering or assembling a group of individuals, often for a specific purpose or task. The etymology of 'muster' highlights the act of bringing people or things together for a visible or organized display, which later evolved into the broader sense of gathering or assembling for various purposes.

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Further usage examples of muster

1. Athletes muster discipline and focus, training rigorously to reach their full potential.
2. Researchers muster evidence to support their hypotheses, diligently scouring data sets.
3. Policymakers muster consensus through debates, striving for solutions that benefit all.
4. Entrepreneurs muster capital to fund their startups, sometimes taking significant financial risks.
5. Explorers muster courage and resilience, venturing into the unknown in search of discovery.
6. Parents muster empathy when raising their children, aiming to instill good values.
7. Filmmakers muster a team of professionals, each contributing to the vision of the final product.
8. Chefs muster ingredients for their dishes, carefully selecting each item for quality and taste.
9. Students muster enthusiasm for their studies, even when the subject matter becomes complex.
10. Journalists muster facts for their articles, committed to providing unbiased information.
11. Doctors muster expertise in diagnosis and treatment, relying on years of education and practice.
12. Musicians muster skill and emotion, striving to convey their messages through melodies.
13. Friends muster time and effort to support each other, strengthening bonds of loyalty and trust.
14. Scientists muster accuracy in their experiments, aware that even small errors can skew results.
15. Volunteers muster goodwill, contributing their time and skills for the betterment of society.
16. Comedians muster humor to entertain audiences, adeptly reading the room for cues.
17. Lawyers muster compelling arguments, utilizing evidence and precedent to make their cases.
18. Engineers muster precision in their designs, ensuring that structures are both safe and functional.
19. Writers muster words to craft compelling stories, often working through multiple revisions.
20. Leaders muster vision for their teams, setting goals that inspire collective achievement.
21. Photographers muster perspective through their lenses, capturing moments that tell stories.
22. Coaches muster strategies for games, analyzing opponents' strengths and weaknesses.
23. Philanthropists muster resources to tackle social issues, funding initiatives that make a difference.



assemble, disperse, dismiss, scatter


Synchronization and Strategize, Tactical Maneuvers and Control, Organization and Coordination

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