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How to pronounce mystical (audio)

Dictionary definition of mystical

Relating to mystery, mysticism, or spirituality.
"The ancient temple was filled with mystical symbols and carvings."

Detailed meaning of mystical

It is often used to describe experiences or beliefs that are considered to be beyond the realm of reason or scientific explanation. Mystical experiences may be described as a sense of awe, transcendence, or union with a higher power. They can also be described as an experience of the divine, an ultimate reality or an ultimate truth. Mystical beliefs can include spiritual practices such as meditation, prayer, or rituals that are intended to bring the individual closer to a higher power or to transcendence. Mystical can also be used to describe things, such as texts, objects, or places that are believed to have a spiritual or supernatural power. Mystical is often associated with religion, spirituality and esotericism, but it can also be used in a secular context.

Example sentences containing mystical

1. He believed in the mystical power of crystals and their healing properties.
2. The forest was said to have a mystical energy that could be felt by those who entered.
3. She was a practitioner of mystical arts such as tarot reading and astrology.
4. The mountain was considered a mystical place by the local tribe.
5. He had a mystical experience while meditating in the cave.
6. The lake was surrounded by mystical legends and stories.

History and etymology of mystical

The adjective 'mystical' is rooted in the word 'mystic,' which has its origins in the Greek term 'mustikos' (μυστικός). In ancient Greece, 'mustikos' was associated with the initiation into secret religious rites, particularly the Mysteries, which were esoteric and shrouded in secrecy. The Greek 'mustikos' is derived from 'mystēs' (μύστης), meaning 'initiate' or 'person initiated into the mysteries.' Over time, 'mystical' came to encompass the broader realm of mystery, mysticism, or spirituality, referring to experiences or beliefs that transcend the ordinary and are deeply connected to spiritual or transcendent realities. The etymology of 'mystical' reflects its historical association with initiation into secret religious knowledge and practices, underscoring its enduring connection to the mystical and spiritual aspects of human existence.

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Further usage examples of mystical

1. She was drawn to the mystical teachings of Eastern religions.
2. The book was filled with mystical stories and teachings.
3. He had a mystical connection with nature and often communed with the spirits of the land.
4. The music was said to have mystical powers that could heal the body and soul.
5. She was a believer in the mystical properties of essential oils and used them in her healing practice.
6. The ancient temple had a mystical aura that drew pilgrims from afar.
7. She felt a mystical connection to the serene mountain landscape.
8. The old book contained mystical incantations and spells.
9. The guru shared his mystical insights with his devoted followers.
10. The starlit night had a mystical quality that inspired poets.
11. The forest was said to be a place of mystical enchantment.
12. The swirling mist added to the mystical atmosphere of the ceremony.
13. He had a mystical experience during his meditation retreat.
14. The ancient runes were believed to hold mystical powers.
15. The mystical music transported the audience to another realm.
16. She wore a necklace with a mystical amulet for protection.
17. The cave was rumored to be a portal to mystical dimensions.
18. The wise elder shared mystical stories around the campfire.
19. The mystical symbols on the tapestry told a hidden story.
20. The mystical teachings of the monk resonated with seekers of truth.
21. The mystical journey led them to a hidden oasis in the desert.
22. The mystical energy of the forest whispered secrets to those who listened.
23. The mystical ceremony marked a rite of passage for the tribe.
24. The mystical moonlight illuminated the ancient ruins.
25. He studied the mystical traditions of different cultures.

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