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How to pronounce adjoining (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'adjoining'

Physically connected, situated next to, or sharing a common boundary with another object, place, or area.
"The office had an adjoining conference room for meetings and presentations."

Detailed Meaning of 'adjoining'

It implies proximity or close association, indicating that two things are directly adjacent or contiguous to each other. When two spaces or structures are adjoining, they are directly connected without any intervening space. It suggests a relationship of immediate adjacency or close proximity, often implying a functional or spatial connection. For example, adjoining rooms in a hotel share a common wall and are easily accessible from one another. Similarly, an adjoining property refers to a piece of land that is directly adjacent or connected to another piece of land. The term "adjoining" emphasizes the sense of close connection, indicating that the two entities are side by side, contiguous, and share a direct boundary or connection.

History and Etymology of 'adjoining'

The adjective 'adjoining' has its etymological origins in the Old French word 'adjoindre,' which is a variant of 'ajoindre.' 'Ajoindre' can be traced back to the Latin word 'adjungere,' formed by combining 'ad,' meaning 'to,' and 'jungere,' meaning 'to join' or 'to connect.' Therefore, 'adjoining' originally conveyed the idea of joining or connecting something to another. Over time, it specifically came to describe objects, places, or areas that are physically connected, situated next to, or sharing a common boundary with another object, place, or area. Its etymology underscores the concept of close proximity and connection between two entities, highlighting their physical adjacency or nearness to each other.

Examples of 'adjoining' in a Sentence

1. The houses have adjoining gardens, perfect for gatherings.
2. The park has adjoining trails for hiking and biking.
3. The gallery showcases art in adjoining rooms.
4. The theater has adjoining entrances for convenience.
5. The apartments have adjoining laundry facilities.
6. The offices in the building have adjoining walls.
7. The conference center has adjoining breakout rooms.
8. The school has adjoining classrooms for collaborative learning.
9. The hotel rooms come with adjoining bathrooms.
10. The adjoining rooms provided convenience for the families traveling together.
11. They enjoyed breakfast in the adjoining kitchen and dining area.
12. The bookstore had an adjoining café where customers could relax and read.
13. The children played in the adjoining park while their parents had a picnic.
14. The hotel had adjoining suites that could be combined to accommodate larger groups.
15. She hung a painting on the wall in the adjoining hallway to create a cohesive look.
16. The hotel had adjoining doors between the rooms for easy access.
17. The restaurant had an adjoining bar area where patrons could enjoy drinks before their meal.
18. They knocked down a wall to create an open-concept space with adjoining living and dining areas.
19. The bookstore had an adjoining section dedicated to children's books and toys.
20. The office had an adjoining break room where employees could unwind and grab a snack.





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