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How to pronounce nondescript (audio)

Dictionary definition of nondescript

Unremarkable, plain, or lacking in distinctive features.
"The nondescript office building held a top-secret research facility."

Detailed meaning of nondescript

It is often used to describe a person or thing that is difficult to describe or remember because it is so ordinary or generic. The term "nondescript" comes from the Latin word "non" meaning "not" and "descriptus" meaning "described." In literature, a nondescript character is often one that is not memorable or distinctive, and does not stand out from the crowd. In everyday use, something can be described as "nondescript" if it is plain, unremarkable, or lacking in distinctive features, such as a building, a room, or a person with a very common appearance. The word can also be used as a noun, in which case it refers to an individual or thing of this nature.

Example sentences containing nondescript

1. The nondescript building blended into the urban landscape.
2. She wore a nondescript outfit, making her hard to recognize.
3. The hotel room had a nondescript decor, lacking any distinctive features.
4. The clothing was nondescript, designed not to draw attention to the wearer.
5. His car was a nondescript sedan, perfect for inconspicuous travel.
6. The town had a nondescript charm that grew on visitors over time.

History and etymology of nondescript

The adjective 'nondescript' has a straightforward etymology. It is formed by combining two Latin words: 'non' (meaning 'not') and 'descriptus' (meaning 'described' or 'written down'). When joined, 'nondescript' essentially means 'not described' or 'not written down,' suggesting that something lacks distinctive features or unique characteristics that would set it apart. This term is used to describe things or individuals that are unremarkable, plain, or ordinary, as if they haven't been detailed or characterized in a way that makes them stand out. Thus, the etymology of 'nondescript' underscores its meaning as an adjective used to convey a lack of distinctive or remarkable qualities.

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Further usage examples of nondescript

1. The nondescript box held a treasure trove of old family photos.
2. The nondescript bookshop hid a collection of rare literary gems.
3. The street was lined with nondescript houses, each with its own story.
4. The nondescript cafe served the best coffee in town.
5. In the nondescript alley, they discovered a hidden mural.
6. The nondescript hallway led to an unexpectedly grand ballroom.
7. A nondescript path through the woods led to a tranquil lake.
8. He lived in a nondescript neighborhood but loved its sense of community.
9. The nondescript storefront concealed a gourmet bakery.
10. She found a nondescript key that unlocked a long-forgotten door.
11. Their nondescript conversation took an unexpected turn.
12. The nondescript garden bloomed with colorful flowers.
13. The nondescript backpack contained all the essentials for the journey.
14. Inside the nondescript box was a surprise gift for her birthday.



unremarkable, distinctive, notable, striking


Apathy and Indifference, Common and Ordinary, Dull and Uninteresting

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