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unparalleled, common, ordinary, average


Excellence and Virtue, Pinnacle and Perfection, Skill and Distinction



How to pronounce nonpareil (audio)


Dictionary definition of nonpareil

Unparalleled, unequaled, or without equal in terms of its excellence, uniqueness, or superiority.
"The athlete's performance was nonpareil, setting a new world record."

Detailed meaning of nonpareil

When something is referred to as nonpareil, it means that it stands out as the best or most exceptional in its category, surpassing all others in its class. This term is often used to emphasize the exceptional quality, skill, or attributes of a person, object, or achievement. For example, a nonpareil athlete might be considered the greatest in their sport's history, and a nonpareil work of art could be one that is considered a masterpiece without equal. In essence, 'nonpareil' signifies the highest level of excellence and distinction, making it a term reserved for the truly exceptional.

Example sentences containing nonpareil

1. Her talent on the violin is nonpareil in the orchestra.
2. The view from the mountaintop is a nonpareil experience.
3. His wisdom and insight are truly nonpareil.
4. The chef's signature dish is a nonpareil culinary masterpiece.
5. She possesses nonpareil beauty that captivates all who see her.
6. The team's dedication and teamwork are nonpareil.

History and etymology of nonpareil

The adjective 'nonpareil' has a fascinating etymology that traces its roots to the Old French term 'non pareil,' which means 'not equal' or 'without equal.' In this context, 'pareil' is derived from the Latin word 'par,' meaning 'equal.' The negation 'non' in Old French signifies the absence of equality or comparison, highlighting the idea that something described as 'nonpareil' is so exceptional and superior that it cannot be equaled or matched by anything else. This word has persisted over the centuries to convey the notion of unparalleled excellence, uniqueness, and unparalleled superiority, making it a fitting term to describe something of extraordinary quality or distinction.

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Further usage examples of nonpareil

1. The historic cathedral is a nonpareil example of architecture.
2. His leadership qualities are nonpareil in the industry.
3. The performance was a nonpareil display of skill and artistry.
4. The athlete's record-breaking achievement is nonpareil.
5. The author's storytelling is nonpareil, captivating readers.
6. The luxury car is known for its nonpareil performance.
7. The artist's creativity is nonpareil in the art world.
8. The mansion's grandeur is a nonpareil among estates.
9. His knowledge in the field is nonpareil.
10. The scientist's discoveries are nonpareil in their significance.
11. Her grace and elegance are nonpareil in society.
12. The orchestra's rendition of the symphony was nonpareil.
13. The fashion designer's creations are nonpareil in the industry.
14. The company's commitment to sustainability is nonpareil.
15. The singer's voice was nonpareil; no one else could match her talent.
16. The diamond necklace was a nonpareil piece of jewelry, worth millions of dollars.
17. The museum's collection of rare artifacts was nonpareil, attracting visitors from around the world.
18. The scientist's research was nonpareil, leading to groundbreaking discoveries.
19. The chocolate cake was a nonpareil dessert, with a perfect balance of sweetness and richness.
20. The artist's painting was nonpareil, earning critical acclaim and high prices at auction.
21. The designer's fashion creations were nonpareil, setting trends and inspiring imitators.
22. The hotel's service was nonpareil, pampering guests with luxury amenities and personalized attention.
23. The musician's guitar skills were nonpareil, leaving audiences in awe.
24. The writer's prose was nonpareil, earning Pulitzer Prizes and literary fame.
25. The athlete's dedication to his sport was nonpareil, inspiring others to follow in his footsteps.

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