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How to pronounce peerless (audio)

Dictionary definition of peerless

Unrivaled or unparalleled in excellence, superiority, or importance.
"The company's products were known for their peerless quality and durability."

Detailed meaning of peerless

When something is peerless, it is incomparable and stands out from the rest, setting a standard that others cannot match or surpass. Peerless can be used to describe people, things, or ideas, and it often implies a high level of achievement or uniqueness. The term "peerless" is often used to describe exceptional works of art, music, literature, or architecture that have had a profound impact on their respective fields, as well as people who are widely considered to be the best in their profession or discipline.

Example sentences containing peerless

1. Her talent on the violin was truly peerless.
2. The sunset over the ocean was a peerless display of beauty.
3. He was a peerless leader, inspiring everyone around him.
4. The diamond's sparkle was peerless among the gems.
5. Their dedication to the cause was peerless in the organization.
6. The ancient temple's architecture is considered peerless.

History and etymology of peerless

The adjective 'peerless' derives its etymological roots from the word 'peer,' which originally referred to someone of equal rank or standing, especially in the context of nobility or social hierarchy. The term 'peer' has its origins in Old French, where 'per' meant 'equal' or 'companion.' Over time, 'peerless' emerged as a compound word in English by adding the suffix '-less,' which means 'without' or 'lacking,' to 'peer.' This linguistic evolution transformed the original meaning of 'peerless' from 'without equals of the same rank' to its modern sense of being unrivaled or unparalleled in excellence, superiority, or importance. Thus, 'peerless' conveys the idea of something so exceptional that it stands alone without any equal or rival.

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Further usage examples of peerless

1. Shakespeare's works remain peerless in English literature.
2. The athlete's performance was peerless in the competition.
3. Her wisdom was peerless, sought after by many.
4. The chef's culinary skills were peerless in the industry.
5. The technology company's innovation was peerless.
6. The singer's voice was peerless, captivating all who heard it.
7. The scientist made a peerless discovery in the field.
8. The historic artifact was a peerless treasure.
9. His commitment to justice was peerless among lawyers.
10. The landscape's natural beauty was peerless in the region.
11. The detective's deductive skills were peerless in solving cases.
12. The luxury car was considered peerless in its class.
13. Her dedication to philanthropy was peerless.
14. The mountaineer's courage was peerless on the treacherous peak.
15. She was a peerless artist, with a unique and extraordinary talent.
16. He was a peerless athlete, winning every competition he entered.
17. The city's peerless skyline left tourists in awe.
18. The concert was a peerless display of musical talent.
19. The hotel boasted peerless views of the ocean.
20. The writer was praised for his peerless ability to captivate readers.
21. The chef's culinary skills were peerless, creating the most delicious and innovative dishes.
22. The painting was a peerless masterpiece, admired by art lovers around the world.
23. The team's performance was peerless, earning them the championship trophy.
24. The professor was a peerless authority on the subject of ancient history.
25. The singer's peerless voice gave her a devoted fan base.



unmatched, ordinary, common, mediocre


Suffix -less, SAT 8 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Excellence and Eminence, Success and Achievement

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