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How to pronounce ostentatious (audio)


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Dictionary definition of ostentatious

Showy or flamboyant, often in a manner that is meant to impress or attract attention.
"The ostentatious party was a show of the host's status."


Detailed meaning of ostentatious

Something that is ostentatious is characterized by being overly decorated, excessive, or grandiose, and is meant to demonstrate wealth, status, or power. For example, an ostentatious car is one that is flashy, expensive, and intended to draw attention. An ostentatious display of wealth is one that is excessive and intended to demonstrate financial success. An ostentatious building is one that is large, grandiose, and intended to impress. In general, the term "ostentatious" is used to describe something that is intended to be impressive or draw attention, but often in a manner that is seen as tacky or in poor taste.

Example sentences containing ostentatious

1. She wore an ostentatious diamond necklace to the gala, drawing everyone's attention.
2. The billionaire's mansion was filled with ostentatious decorations and luxurious furnishings.
3. His ostentatious display of wealth made others feel uncomfortable.
4. The car's ostentatious gold trim and flashy design turned heads wherever it went.
5. The hotel's lobby was adorned with ostentatious chandeliers and marble statues.
6. The actress arrived at the premiere in an ostentatious gown with a long train.

History and etymology of ostentatious

The adjective 'ostentatious' derives from the Latin word 'ostentatio,' which means 'display' or 'showing off.' In essence, it pertains to a conspicuous and often extravagant display or presentation. As it entered the English language in the early 17th century, 'ostentatious' retained this sense of being overly showy or flamboyant, with the intent of impressing or drawing attention to oneself. When applied to people or things, 'ostentatious' characterizes them as making a deliberate and often excessive effort to showcase their wealth, importance, or status. It carries a somewhat negative connotation, implying that such displays are done with a certain degree of superficiality or to mask insecurity, rather than genuine substance.

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Further usage examples of ostentatious

1. He flaunted his ostentatious Rolex watch, trying to impress others.
2. The politician's ostentatious promises during the campaign turned out to be empty.
3. The ostentatious wedding ceremony cost a fortune, with extravagant decorations and a lavish feast.
4. Her ostentatious lifestyle was fueled by a need for constant attention and admiration.
5. The ostentatious art gallery featured avant-garde pieces that puzzled many visitors.
6. The wealthy businessman built an ostentatious mansion on the hill, visible from miles away.
7. The ostentatious display of fireworks lit up the night sky, mesmerizing the spectators.
8. The restaurant's ostentatious menu boasted exotic ingredients and elaborate dishes.
9. The actress's ostentatious behavior on set caused tension with her co-stars.
10. His ostentatious gestures and grandiose speeches often overshadowed his actual accomplishments.
11. The ostentatious wedding invitation was embossed with gold foil and adorned with ribbons.
12. The socialite's ostentatious parties were attended by the city's elite.
13. The CEO's ostentatious office was furnished with expensive artwork and designer furniture.
14. The ostentatious display of wealth by the tycoon drew criticism from those struggling to make ends meet.



showy, modest, unpretentious, simple


GRE 3 (Graduate Record Examination), Behavior and Conduct, Scorn and Censure, Arrogance and Selfishness

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