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How to pronounce conspicuous (audio)

Dictionary definition of conspicuous

Easily noticeable or standing out in a way that is hard to miss.
"Her bright pink coat was very conspicuous in the sea of black jackets."

Detailed meaning of conspicuous

It is often used to describe an object, person, or behavior that is highly visible, striking, or attention-grabbing. For example, a person who is wearing bright clothing or has an unusual hairstyle might be described as conspicuous. A building that is very tall or has an unusual design might also be described as conspicuous. In some cases, conspicuousness can be viewed positively, as in the case of a striking work of art, or negatively, as in the case of an obnoxious behavior. In general, conspicuous refers to something that is hard to ignore or overlook.

Example sentences containing conspicuous

1. The scratch on the car was so conspicuous that it couldn't be ignored.
2. The celebrity tried to avoid being conspicuous in public.
3. The new skyscraper was the most conspicuous building in the city skyline.
4. The missing statue was conspicuous by its absence.
5. He tried to blend in with the crowd, but his height made him conspicuous.
6. The loud music coming from the apartment was conspicuous to the neighbors.

History and etymology of conspicuous

The adjective 'conspicuous' has its roots in Latin, tracing back to the word 'conspicuus,' which means 'visible' or 'remarkable.' This Latin term is derived from 'conspicere,' where 'con' means 'altogether' or 'completely,' and 'spicere' means 'to look' or 'to see.' Therefore, 'conspicuous' etymologically signifies something that is completely visible or readily seen. Over time, it has come to describe objects, actions, or qualities that stand out and are easily noticed, often because they are striking, remarkable, or unusual. The etymology of 'conspicuous' reflects its enduring association with the idea of being highly visible and attracting attention due to its prominent or distinctive nature.

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Further usage examples of conspicuous

1. The politician's conspicuous absence at the rally did not go unnoticed.
2. The bright red warning sign was very conspicuous and caught everyone's attention.
3. The conspicuous error in the report was immediately noticed.
4. The conspicuous absence of the CEO at the meeting was noted.
5. The conspicuous wealth of the businessman was a source of envy.
6. The conspicuous behavior of the suspect made him stand out.
7. The bright red car was conspicuous among the neutral-colored vehicles.
8. Her conspicuous talent earned her the lead role in the play.
9. A tall mountain is a conspicuous landmark in the flat landscape.
10. The peacock's feathers are conspicuously colorful.
11. The CEO's conspicuous absence raised questions during the meeting.
12. Bright neon signs are conspicuous on the dark city streets.
13. A loud laugh can be quite conspicuous in a quiet room.
14. His conspicuous generosity endeared him to the community.
15. A big diamond ring is conspicuous on her finger.
16. The glaring mistake in the report was conspicuous.
17. The actor's talent is conspicuous in every performance.
18. A large banner is conspicuous at the entrance of the event.
19. The skyscraper is a conspicuous feature of the city skyline.



noticeable, hidden, inconspicuous, unnoticeable


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