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extreme, reasonable, moderate, acceptable


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How to pronounce outrageous (audio)


Dictionary definition of outrageous

Extreme, excessive, or beyond what is considered acceptable or normal.
"His outrageous behavior at the party caused quite a scene."

Detailed meaning of outrageous

It is often used to describe behavior or actions that are considered morally or socially unacceptable. The term can also be used to describe something that is shocking, bizarre, or ridiculous. It can also be used to describe something that is exceptionally good or impressive. In a positive context, it can be used to describe something that is bold or daring. In a negative context, it can be used to describe something that is offensive, inappropriate or even illegal. The term is often associated with strong emotions such as anger, disgust, or disbelief. It is important to note that the term "outrageous" is often used in a subjective way, and what one person might find outrageous, another might find acceptable.

Example sentences containing outrageous

1. His outrageous behavior at the party shocked everyone in attendance.
2. The politician made an outrageous statement that sparked public outrage.
3. The prices at the luxury boutique were outrageous, beyond what most people could afford.
4. She wore an outrageous outfit that turned heads wherever she went.
5. The company's CEO received an outrageous bonus despite the poor financial performance.
6. The celebrity's outrageous demands on set created tension among the cast and crew.

History and etymology of outrageous

The adjective 'outrageous' derives its etymology from the same roots as the noun 'outrage.' It finds its origins in the Latin word 'ultra,' which means beyond or excessive, and the French 'outre,' signifying something that is excessive or extravagant. When applied to describe something as 'outrageous,' it conveys the idea that it goes to an extreme, exceeding the boundaries of what is considered acceptable or normal. This etymology highlights the notion of something being so far beyond the ordinary or expected that it evokes a strong reaction, often in the form of shock, disbelief, or indignation, due to its extreme nature.

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Further usage examples of outrageous

1. The comedian's outrageous jokes pushed the boundaries of what was considered acceptable.
2. The restaurant charged an outrageous amount for a simple cup of coffee.
3. The politician's outrageous corruption scandal led to calls for their resignation.
4. The newspaper published an outrageous headline to grab attention.
5. The customer complained about the outrageous service charge added to their bill.
6. The celebrity's outrageous social media posts drew both admiration and criticism.
7. The company's decision to lay off employees without warning was outrageous.
8. The landlord raised the rent by an outrageous amount, leaving tenants struggling to afford their homes.
9. The athlete's outrageous performance broke several world records.
10. The student's outrageous excuse for not submitting their assignment was met with disbelief by the teacher.
11. The celebrity's outrageous demands for their backstage accommodations caused a stir among the event organizers.
12. The company's advertising campaign used outrageous claims to attract customers.
13. The politician's outrageous behavior during debates damaged their credibility.
14. The shop owner was outraged by the outrageous price quoted by the supplier.

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