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decrepit, new, fresh, pristine


Deterioration and Decline, Decline and Decay, Ineffectual and Obsolete



How to pronounce outworn (audio)


Dictionary definition of outworn

Outdated, no longer fashionable, or no longer effective due to being worn out or exhausted through use or time.
"The outworn shoes had holes in the soles and were no longer suitable for wear."

Detailed meaning of outworn

It describes objects, ideas, practices, or customs that have become obsolete or have lost their relevance or popularity. Outworn implies that something has been used or relied upon for an extended period, resulting in its deterioration or diminishing effectiveness. It carries a connotation of being worn out, tired, or overused. It suggests that a once valuable or functional item or concept has now become outdated and in need of replacement or retirement. The adjective "outworn" highlights the need for innovation, renewal, and the abandonment of outdated practices to keep pace with evolving times and preferences.

Example sentences containing outworn

1. The outworn sofa, faded and frayed, bore the marks of a well-loved past.
2. In the attic, I found outworn books gathering dust, untouched for years.
3. His outworn ideologies no longer resonated in our rapidly changing world.
4. The artist's outworn style was once popular, but tastes have changed.
5. She replaced her outworn phone, eager for modern features and speed.
6. Grandpa's outworn coat, though aged, held stories of his younger days.

History and etymology of outworn

The adjective 'outworn' has a clear etymology that reflects its meaning. It combines the prefix 'out,' which denotes something that is no longer in a particular state or condition, with the word 'worn,' derived from the Old English 'wyrnan,' meaning to use up or exhaust through wear and tear. When these elements are brought together, 'outworn' signifies something that has become outdated, no longer fashionable, or no longer effective due to being worn out or exhausted through use or the passage of time. This etymology highlights the idea of something that has reached the end of its useful life or relevance, making it a suitable term to describe objects, ideas, or practices that have fallen out of favor or usefulness.

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Further usage examples of outworn

1. The building, with its outworn facade, stood as a relic of the past.
2. They scoffed at his outworn methods, advocating for innovation instead.
3. Amidst new trends, her outworn fashion sense became noticeably distinct.
4. She clung to outworn traditions, resisting the pull of the present.
5. The outworn curriculum failed to prepare students for today's challenges.
6. Abandoned factories, outworn and obsolete, dotted the old industrial zone.
7. The poet's outworn verses no longer captured the audience's imagination.
8. His outworn beliefs became barriers to accepting new and varied perspectives.
9. In the museum, outworn artifacts told tales of a bygone era's splendor.
10. Technology advances rendered the once-popular, outworn devices irrelevant.
11. The city's outworn infrastructure struggled to support its growing population.
12. Outworn tools, relics of a manual age, rested unused in the old shed.
13. Amid digital art, painters using outworn techniques found less recognition.
14. The outworn political system was ill-equipped to handle contemporary issues.
15. His loyalty to outworn practices hindered his company’s progression and growth.
16. She examined outworn jewelry, each piece echoing the style of its era.
17. Navigators once relied on stars, an outworn method in the GPS age.
18. The outworn playground, rusty and silent, missed the laughter of children.
19. Her outworn ideas about marriage didn’t align with modern relationship dynamics.
20. As technology flourished, the town’s outworn factory became a quiet relic.
21. Teachers sought to replace outworn textbooks that lacked current information.
22. The soldier’s outworn uniform, tattered, bore witness to battles endured.
23. She discarded outworn notions, opening her mind to contemporary thinking.
24. Amid innovation, clinging to outworn strategies can lead to obsolescence.

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