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How to pronounce outdated (audio)

Dictionary definition of outdated

No longer relevant, effective, or in line with current standards, practices, or beliefs.
"The textbook contained outdated information that didn't reflect recent scientific discoveries."

Detailed meaning of outdated

It refers to ideas, technologies, fashions, or systems that have become obsolete or surpassed by more modern alternatives. When something is deemed outdated, it implies that it is no longer considered useful, accurate, or appropriate in the present context. This term often applies to information, methods, or objects that have been superseded by newer advancements or changes in society. It suggests a lack of compatibility or conformity with contemporary norms or expectations. While the label of being outdated can be subjective, it generally denotes a loss of value or relevance due to the passage of time or the emergence of newer alternatives.

Example sentences containing outdated

1. Their outdated technology hindered productivity in the modern workplace.
2. The fashion industry quickly discards outdated trends.
3. Using an outdated map, he got lost on his road trip.
4. Her computer's outdated software caused constant glitches.
5. The company's outdated policies needed a major overhaul.
6. His views on social issues seemed hopelessly outdated.

History and etymology of outdated

The adjective 'outdated' has its roots in the Middle English word 'outdaten,' which combines the prefix 'out-' meaning 'beyond' or 'no longer,' and the verb 'date,' derived from the Old French word 'dater,' meaning 'to record the date of.' When we break down its etymology, we can see that 'outdated' essentially means 'beyond the date' or 'no longer in the current date.' This etymology aptly mirrors the idea that something is no longer relevant, effective, or in line with current standards, practices, or beliefs, as it has surpassed its time and is no longer in sync with the contemporary context.

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Further usage examples of outdated

1. They refused to embrace outdated traditions at their wedding.
2. The textbooks in the library were filled with outdated information.
3. The car's outdated design lacked the latest safety features.
4. Their marketing strategy felt old-fashioned and outdated.
5. The restaurant's menu desperately needed an update; it was outdated.
6. His resume listed outdated skills that no longer applied.
7. The company's website appeared clunky and outdated.
8. His fashion sense was stuck in an outdated time warp.
9. She found his jokes about gender roles to be painfully outdated.
10. The software's outdated interface confused new users.
11. Their business model was becoming increasingly outdated.
12. The classroom's outdated equipment hindered student learning.
13. The company's logo looked outdated compared to its competitors.
14. His management style was criticized as being outdated and ineffective.
15. The company's outdated computer systems were causing frequent errors and delays.
16. Her fashion sense was considered outdated by her younger peers.
17. The old, outdated bridge was in desperate need of repair.
18. His smartphone was so outdated that it couldn't run the latest apps.
19. The fashion industry is known for quickly rendering certain styles outdated.
20. The company's marketing strategies were deemed outdated in the age of social media.
21. The restaurant's menu consisted of outdated dishes that were no longer popular.
22. The professor's teaching methods were considered outdated by the students.
23. The government's policies on environmental protection were seen as outdated and insufficient.
24. The software's user interface was clunky and outdated compared to its competitors.
25. The car's safety features were outdated, lacking modern advancements like collision avoidance systems.



antiquated, modern, contemporary, up-to-date


Decay and Degeneration, Decline and Decay, Scorn and Censure, Ineffectual and Obsolete

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