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How to pronounce overused (audio)


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Dictionary definition of overused

Excessively employed or utilized to the point where its effectiveness, novelty, or impact has significantly diminished.
"The teacher cautioned against using overused examples in the presentation."

Detailed meaning of overused

When a particular word, phrase, concept, or idea is overused, it becomes repetitive and lacks freshness or originality. It often leads to a sense of fatigue or boredom among the audience or readers. Overused elements can be found in various contexts, such as literature, advertising, public speaking, or even everyday conversations. They may lose their intended power or resonance due to their frequent and repetitive application. To maintain clarity, engagement, and effectiveness in communication, it is important to be mindful of avoiding the overuse of certain elements, allowing for more diverse and innovative expressions.

Example sentences containing overused

1. The overused phrase "think outside the box" has lost its impact.
2. That joke is so overused, it's no longer funny.
3. The overused cliché of "love at first sight" is unrealistic.
4. The movie relied on overused plot twists, making it predictable.
5. The overused color scheme in the design industry needs a fresh update.
6. The overused catchphrase in the advertising campaign failed to capture attention.

History and etymology of overused

The adjective 'overused' can be understood through its etymology. It combines the prefix 'over,' signifying excess or beyond, with the word 'used,' derived from the Old English 'ysan,' meaning to make use of. When brought together, 'overused' conveys the idea of something being excessively employed or utilized to the point where its effectiveness, novelty, or impact has significantly diminished. This etymology emphasizes the notion of going beyond the reasonable or appropriate extent of use, resulting in a state where the thing in question has become tired, worn out, or no longer as impactful as it once was due to its frequent or excessive usage.

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Further usage examples of overused

1. She rolled her eyes at yet another overused excuse for being late.
2. The author's overused use of adjectives made the writing seem repetitive.
3. The overused melody in the song made it sound generic.
4. The fashion industry often resorts to overused trends to sell products.
5. The comedian's routine was filled with overused jokes that fell flat.
6. The overused marketing strategy of using celebrity endorsements is becoming stale.
7. The overused sound effect in the film distracted from the storytelling.
8. The artist aimed to create original artwork, steering clear of overused motifs.
9. The speech was filled with overused buzzwords that lacked substance.
10. The writer avoided overused phrases to maintain a unique voice in their writing.
11. The overused template for presentations made them all look the same.
12. The overused meme quickly lost its appeal and became tiresome.
13. The coach encouraged the team to explore new tactics and avoid overused strategies.x
14. The overused catchphrase lost its charm long ago, fading into cliché.
15. Her overused excuses no longer convinced anyone in the office.
16. The overused storyline made the movie predictable and dull.
17. His overused jokes at the party fell flat, eliciting no laughter.
18. The overused app drained my phone's battery within minutes.
19. That overused sweater had seen better days, worn and faded.
20. The overused theme song of the show grated on my nerves.
21. The overused marketing tactic failed to capture consumers' attention.
22. The overused adjectives in his writing made it seem amateurish.
23. The overused trail in the park lacked the solitude I craved.
24. His overused compliments felt insincere and insipid.



clichéd, fresh, novel, original


Prefix over-, TOEFL 13, Abundance and Excess, Ineffectual and Obsolete

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