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How to pronounce peccadillo (audio)

Dictionary definition of peccadillo

A minor or trivial offense, mistake, or fault, often of a moral or ethical nature.
"His habit of interrupting others was his most annoying peccadillo."

Detailed meaning of peccadillo

It describes a relatively insignificant wrongdoing or misdeed that is not considered a serious transgression. Peccadillos are typically harmless, minor lapses in judgment or behavior that may be seen as common human imperfections rather than major moral failings. While they may not be entirely excusable, peccadillos are usually forgiven or overlooked, especially when compared to more grievous or serious offenses. The term implies a certain leniency or understanding regarding minor faults and suggests a willingness to recognize and accept human fallibility.

Example sentences containing peccadillo

1. Her little peccadillo of always being late annoyed her friends.
2. We all have our peccadillos, don't we?
3. His constant nail-biting was just a minor peccadillo.
4. They forgave his peccadilloes because he was so charming.
5. It's just a harmless peccadillo, nothing to worry about.
6. Her collection of quirky peccadillos made her unique.

History and etymology of peccadillo

The noun 'peccadillo' has its origins in Spanish. It is derived from the Spanish word 'pecadillo,' which is a diminutive form of 'pecado,' meaning 'sin.' The diminutive suffix '-illo' in Spanish is often used to indicate something small or minor. Therefore, etymologically, 'peccadillo' can be understood as a 'small sin' or 'minor offense.' This term transitioned into English, where it describes a minor or trivial offense, mistake, or fault, often of a moral or ethical nature. The word's etymology highlights its association with wrongdoing, while emphasizing the relatively minor nature of the transgression in question.

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Further usage examples of peccadillo

1. I can overlook a peccadillo or two in a friend.
2. The peccadillo of leaving dirty dishes in the sink was becoming a problem.
3. They couldn't help but laugh at his endearing peccadilloes.
4. Some people find her habit of humming a peccadillo.
5. Despite his peccadilloes, he was a kind-hearted person.
6. The peccadillo of always losing her keys drove her crazy.
7. We all have our little peccadilloes; nobody's perfect.
8. Her peccadillo of constantly checking her phone was distracting.
9. The peccadillo of eating cookies before dinner was hard to resist.
10. It's just a minor peccadillo, nothing to get upset about.
11. His peccadillo for telling tall tales made him a great storyteller.
12. Their shared peccadillo for bad puns brought them closer.
13. The peccadillo of forgetting names was embarrassing at social gatherings.
14. She confessed her peccadillo for binge-watching TV shows.
15. His peccadillo for leaving the lights on annoyed his roommates.
16. The peccadillo of always being the last to leave the party made him the life of the party.
17. We forgave his peccadilloes because he was a loyal friend.
18. Her peccadillo of excessive shopping was draining her bank account.



minor fault, virtue, commendable act, merit


SAT 10 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Behavior and Conduct, Unethical and Immoral

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