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How to pronounce pergola (audio)

Dictionary definition of pergola

A structure or architectural feature typically found in outdoor spaces, such as gardens, parks, or patios.
"The couple enjoyed a romantic dinner under the grapevine-covered pergola in their backyard."

Detailed meaning of pergola

It consists of a series of vertical posts or pillars that support an open framework of crossbeams or lattice. Pergolas are designed to provide partial shade, define a specific area, and create an inviting outdoor space for relaxation, socializing, or dining. They often serve as a support for climbing plants, such as vines or flowers, which can further enhance the aesthetics and natural beauty of the pergola. Pergolas can vary in size, shape, and materials, including wood, metal, or vinyl. Their design can range from simple and minimalist to intricate and ornate, depending on architectural styles and personal preferences. With their open-roof structure, pergolas offer a balance between sunlight and shade, allowing for a pleasant outdoor experience while maintaining a connection with nature. They have become popular features in residential and commercial landscapes, providing a charming and functional addition to outdoor living spaces.

Example sentences containing pergola

1. The park had several pergolas where visitors could relax and enjoy the surrounding nature.
2. The wedding ceremony took place beneath a beautifully decorated white pergola adorned with flowers.
3. The café's outdoor seating area featured pergolas to provide shade for customers on sunny days.
4. She spent the afternoon reading her favorite book in the cozy nook of the pergola.
5. The garden was transformed into a magical space with twinkling lights draped over the pergola.
6. The scent of jasmine filled the air as it climbed up the pergola's lattice structure.

History and etymology of pergola

The noun 'pergola' has its etymological roots in Italian and Latin. It can be traced back to the Latin word 'pergula,' which referred to a projecting roof or covering, often used in the context of vineyards or gardens to provide shade. In medieval and Renaissance Italy, the term 'pergola' was used to describe a similar architectural structure designed to support climbing plants like grapevines and provide shelter from the sun. Over time, this concept was adopted into various languages, including English, with 'pergola' retaining its association with an outdoor architectural feature designed to create a shaded, open-air space in gardens, parks, or patios. The etymology of 'pergola' thus reflects its historical connection to the idea of shelter and shade in outdoor settings, often adorned with climbing plants for added beauty.

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Further usage examples of pergola

1. The resort had a stunning pool area with pergolas that offered a retreat from the hot sun.
2. Families gathered under the pergola in the park for a picnic, enjoying the peaceful ambiance.
3. The vines had completely covered the pergola, creating a lush green canopy overhead.
4. The outdoor yoga class took place in the shade of a large pergola, surrounded by blooming flowers.
5. The rooftop restaurant had a panoramic view of the city, with a pergola providing a delightful dining experience.
6. The garden's pergola provided a shaded retreat on hot days.
7. Vines climbed the wooden pergola, creating a natural canopy.
8. We enjoyed a romantic dinner under the twinkling lights of the pergola.
9. The pergola's lattice design allowed dappled sunlight to filter through.
10. A fragrant garden surrounded the charming pergola.
11. The wedding ceremony took place beneath a stunning floral pergola.
12. We sipped tea in the cozy nook of the backyard pergola.
13. The park's pergola served as a picturesque backdrop for photos.
14. He built a custom pergola to showcase his love for carpentry.
15. The vines on the pergola bloomed with colorful flowers.
16. The family gathered for a barbecue under the spacious pergola.
17. The pergola was a perfect spot for meditation and relaxation.
18. A hummingbird perched on the pergola's wrought iron frame.
19. The antique-style pergola added character to the outdoor space.
20. The pergola's stone pillars added a touch of grandeur to the garden.
21. A summer rain shower created a soothing sound on the pergola's roof.
22. The climbing roses adorned the pergola with their vibrant blooms.
23. The wooden pergola provided a rustic charm to the backyard.
24. We dined al fresco under the grapevine-covered pergola.
25. The ivy-covered pergola was a hidden gem in the city park.



arbor, enclosure, solid building, wall


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