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How to pronounce perilous (audio)


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Dictionary definition of perilous

Extremely dangerous, fraught with risks, or characterized by the potential for harm, injury, or adverse outcomes.
"The climb was perilous and required extreme caution."


Detailed meaning of perilous

When we use the term "perilous," we emphasize the high degree of hazard and vulnerability associated with a situation, activity, or condition. Perilous circumstances are often marked by the likelihood of accidents, disasters, or serious consequences, and they demand a heightened sense of caution, preparedness, or avoidance. For example, navigating treacherous mountain terrain or embarking on a perilous journey through rough seas denotes activities that involve significant risks to one's safety. "Perilous" underscores the idea of imminent danger or extreme vulnerability, urging individuals to exercise great care and vigilance when confronted with such situations.

Example sentences containing perilous

1. Climbing the steep, icy slope without proper equipment was a perilous endeavor.
2. The adventurer set out on a perilous journey through the dense jungle, facing wild animals and harsh conditions.
3. Navigating the treacherous waters of the stormy sea was a perilous task for the sailors.
4. The crumbling bridge posed a perilous threat to anyone attempting to cross it.
5. Crossing the busy intersection during rush hour can be quite perilous for pedestrians.
6. The mountain path was narrow and exposed, making the hike perilous but exhilarating.

History and etymology of perilous

The adjective 'perilous' originates from the Old French word 'perilleus,' which in turn comes from the Latin 'periculosus,' meaning 'full of danger' or 'hazardous.' 'Perilous' describes something that is extremely dangerous, fraught with risks, or characterized by the potential for harm, injury, or adverse outcomes. Its etymology vividly conveys the idea of a situation or circumstance laden with peril or danger. When something is deemed perilous, it signifies that it poses a significant and imminent threat to safety or well-being, highlighting the need for caution, preparedness, and prudent decision-making in the face of such risks.

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Further usage examples of perilous

1. The spy undertook a perilous mission to infiltrate the enemy's headquarters.
2. The explorers faced a perilous situation when they found themselves lost in the vast desert.
3. The crumbling castle walls were a perilous reminder of its ancient history.
4. The daredevil's stunt involved a perilous leap from a towering building.
5. In a perilous decision, they chose to traverse the rickety rope bridge.
6. The journey through the dense forest was fraught with perilous obstacles.
7. The detective's pursuit of the elusive criminal led her into perilous situations.
8. The miners worked in the perilous depths of the earth, facing constant danger.
9. The stormy weather made the plane's landing a perilous challenge for the pilot.
10. The fragile ceasefire in the war zone remained perilous, with tensions ready to erupt.
11. The acrobat executed a series of perilous maneuvers high above the crowd.
12. The hiker's decision to go off the marked trail proved to be perilous as he got lost.
13. The ancient ruins held a certain allure, despite the perilous conditions.
14. The mountain climber's determination led her to conquer the perilous peak.



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