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How to pronounce threatening (audio)


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Dictionary definition of threatening

Causing a sense of danger, harm, or intimidation.
"The looming deadline and lack of progress on the project were threatening the team's success."

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Detailed meaning of threatening

When something is described as threatening, it suggests that it has the potential to inflict harm or create an atmosphere of fear. This adjective is often used to depict situations, actions, or behaviors that imply the likelihood of negative consequences or aggression. It can refer to imminent or potential harm that poses a risk to one's safety, security, or well-being. Threatening behavior or language can convey an intention to cause harm, instill fear, or coerce others. Additionally, a threatening appearance or demeanor can convey a sense of menace or intimidation. Overall, the adjective "threatening" conveys the notion of a real or perceived risk that has the potential to cause harm or evoke a sense of unease or apprehension.

Example sentences containing threatening

1. The dark clouds and strong winds were a threatening sign of an approaching storm.
2. The aggressive barking and growling of the dog were highly threatening.
3. His menacing stare and clenched fists made his intentions clear - he was threatening violence.
4. The letter contained a threatening message, causing great distress to the recipient.
5. The masked intruder's presence felt deeply threatening to the homeowner.
6. The CEO issued a threatening ultimatum to the employees, demanding immediate results.

History and etymology of threatening

The adjective 'threatening' has its etymological roots in the Old English word 'threotian,' which means 'to threaten' or 'to menace.' This etymology precisely captures the essence of 'threatening' as something that causes a sense of danger, harm, or intimidation. It reflects the notion of conveying an impending harm or negative consequence, often through words, actions, or demeanor. 'Threatening' signifies the presence of a perceived or real threat, evoking feelings of unease or fear, and highlighting the potential for harm or danger in a given situation or interaction.

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Further usage examples of threatening

1. The politician received a series of threatening emails, prompting heightened security measures.
2. The dark alleyway and eerie silence gave a threatening vibe to anyone passing by.
3. The wild animal's aggressive behavior and snarling teeth were undeniably threatening.
4. The stranger's menacing gestures and veiled threats created a deeply threatening atmosphere.
5. The gang members had a reputation for engaging in violent and threatening activities.
6. Dark clouds on the horizon looked threatening, hinting at an impending storm.
7. The aggressive tone of his voice made his words sound threatening.
8. A growling dog can be quite threatening if approached incorrectly.
9. The towering, threatening figure in the alley turned out to be a harmless stranger.
10. The menacing glare in his eyes was truly threatening.
11. The warning signs indicated a potentially threatening situation ahead.
12. The ominous music in the movie created a threatening atmosphere.
13. The thorny bushes formed a threatening barrier around the castle.
14. The hostile gesture of a clenched fist can be quite threatening.
15. The growling thunder and lightning made the night seem threatening.
16. The detective felt a threatening presence lurking in the shadows.
17. The aggressive stance of the wildlife was more threatening at night.
18. The dark, empty streets can feel particularly threatening after sunset.
19. The imposing skyscrapers gave the city a somewhat threatening appearance.
20. The harsh, threatening letter was a cause for concern.
21. His rapid, threatening advances were met with a firm rejection.
22. The approaching tornado had a truly threatening appearance.
23. The stranger's erratic behavior was both bizarre and threatening.
24. The turbulent ocean waves can be quite threatening to sailors.
25. The news of an impending invasion felt truly threatening to the nation.



menacing, welcoming, friendly, benign


Challenges and Difficulties, Conflict and Confrontation, Fear and Ferocity, Irregular and Unpredictable

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