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rearrangement, stagnation, constancy, immobility


Accuracy and Precision, Scientific and Methodical, Convoluted and Cryptic, Order and System, Arrangement and Order



How to pronounce permutation (audio)


Dictionary definition of permutation

The arrangement or rearrangement of items, elements, or objects in a specific order or sequence.
"Every permutation of the ingredients changed the flavor of the dish."

Detailed meaning of permutation

It represents a distinct variation or different order in which a set of elements can be arranged. Permutations are commonly encountered in mathematics and combinatorics, where they are used to calculate the number of possible arrangements or orders for a given set of items. For instance, if you have a set of three different objects (A, B, C), there are six possible permutations: ABC, ACB, BAC, BCA, CAB, and CBA. Permutations are essential in various fields, including probability theory, cryptography, and computer science, where they are used to solve problems related to ordering and arranging elements in different ways. They provide a fundamental concept for understanding and solving various combinatorial problems.

Example sentences containing permutation

1. The permutation of these numbers creates a unique sequence.
2. The software checks every possible permutation of the code.
3. In mathematics, permutation and combination are fundamental concepts.
4. The artwork was a permutation of colors and shapes.
5. This puzzle has too many permutations for me to solve quickly.
6. Which permutation of the team will lead to the best result?

History and etymology of permutation

The noun 'permutation' has its roots in Latin, derived from 'permutatio,' which combines 'per-' (completely) and 'mutatio' (change or alteration). It entered the English language in the late 14th century. 'Permutation' refers to the arrangement or rearrangement of items, elements, or objects in a specific order or sequence, typically involving all possible variations or combinations. The etymology of 'permutation' effectively conveys the idea of a complete change or alteration in the arrangement, emphasizing the process of altering the order or sequence of elements systematically. Whether it's permutations in mathematics, permutations of ideas, or permutations of variables in science, this term underscores the concept of systematic transformation and exploration of all possible orders or arrangements.

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Further usage examples of permutation

1. We'll need to consider each permutation before making a decision.
2. The dance was a stunning permutation of movement and rhythm.
3. This permutation seems to be the most efficient configuration.
4. The encryption relies on a permutation of alphabets.
5. For every permutation, there's a unique outcome.
6. The genetic permutation of that species remains a mystery.
7. Only one permutation will unlock the treasure chest.
8. Their new song is a refreshing permutation of their classic style.
9. How many permutations can we create with these five objects?
10. A slight permutation in the procedure yielded dramatically different results.
11. The director sought a new permutation for the stage setup.
12. Each permutation represented a shift in our strategy.
13. This new design is an unexpected permutation of traditional elements.
14. The permutation of those elements results in a unique pattern.
15. Mathematics often deals with the concept of permutation.
16. DNA's permutation is a fundamental factor in genetic diversity.
17. The puzzle challenges you to find every possible permutation.
18. The artist explored the many colors' permutation possibilities.
19. Code-breaking involves deciphering complex permutations.
20. Music composition requires creativity in melodic permutations.
21. Chess players study various permutations of moves.
22. Each permutation of numbers yielded distinct results.
23. In cryptography, permutation is a key concept.
24. Understanding the permutation of ingredients leads to diverse recipes.

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