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How to pronounce persiflage (audio)

Dictionary definition of persiflage

Light and playful banter or conversation, often characterized by witty remarks and teasing humor.
"The dinner party was filled with amusing persiflage."

Detailed meaning of persiflage

It is a lighthearted and jovial form of communication that is intended to entertain and amuse. Persiflage can be seen in social gatherings, where people engage in witty banter and joking, or in written or spoken language, where clever wordplay and humor are used to create a playful and engaging atmosphere. The term is derived from the French word "persifler", which means to jeer or mock. Persiflage is often used in a social or professional context, and can be seen as a way of breaking the ice or creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Example sentences containing persiflage

1. The dinner party was filled with witty persiflage and laughter.
2. The comedians engaged in playful persiflage during their stand-up routine.
3. The lighthearted persiflage between the friends created a joyful atmosphere.
4. The book club members enjoyed engaging in intellectual persiflage about the novel.
5. The late-night talk show host is known for his quick-witted persiflage with guests.
6. The office banter often included clever persiflage to lighten the mood.

History and etymology of persiflage

The noun 'persiflage' originates from the French language, specifically from the verb 'persifler,' which means 'to tease' or 'to mock lightly.' It gained prominence in the English language during the 18th century when French phrases and expressions were often incorporated into English discourse, especially among the upper classes. 'Persiflage' encapsulates the essence of light and playful banter, typically marked by witty remarks and teasing humor. Its etymology underscores its French origins and its enduring role in describing lighthearted and clever verbal exchanges filled with jest and humor.

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Further usage examples of persiflage

1. The group of friends engaged in humorous persiflage, teasing each other affectionately.
2. The political debate turned into a series of sarcastic persiflages between the candidates.
3. The sitcom relied on witty persiflage to keep the audience entertained.
4. The actors' improvisation skills allowed for spontaneous persiflage on stage.
5. The comedy sketch featured a hilarious exchange of persiflage between the characters.
6. The friends gathered at the coffee shop for a morning of friendly persiflage.
7. The stand-up comedian's performance was filled with clever persiflage about everyday life.
8. The comedy duo's persiflage had the audience roaring with laughter.
9. The dinner conversation was full of light-hearted persiflage, making the guests feel at ease.
10. The writers engaged in playful persiflage as they brainstormed ideas for their next project.
11. The radio hosts' banter was filled with quick-witted persiflage, keeping listeners entertained.
12. The comedy club was known for hosting talented comedians who excelled in persiflage.
13. The sitcom relied on the actors' comedic timing to deliver the clever persiflage.
14. The party was lively with animated persiflage among the guests.



banter, seriousness, gravity, solemnity


Suffix -age, SAT 11 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Enjoyment and Delight, Comedy and Silliness

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