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devotion, irreverence, impiety, godlessness


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How to pronounce piety (audio)


Dictionary definition of piety

A deep and sincere reverence, devotion, or religious devotion, often directed towards a higher power, deity, or spiritual principles.
"She lived her life with piety and devotion to her faith."

Detailed meaning of piety

It encompasses a strong sense of religious or moral duty and a commitment to religious practices, rituals, or ethical conduct. Piety is not limited to any specific religion but is a universal concept found in various spiritual and philosophical traditions. It involves acts of worship, prayer, acts of charity, and adherence to religious doctrines and moral values. Piety goes beyond mere religious observance; it reflects a profound and heartfelt connection with one's faith and a genuine desire to live in accordance with its teachings. This term conveys a sense of profound spiritual commitment and devotion, highlighting the importance of faith and spirituality in an individual's life.

Example sentences containing piety

1. The priest's piety was evident in the way he conducted himself.
2. He was known for his piety and devotion to God.
3. Her piety was an inspiration to all who knew her.
4. He showed piety by donating a large portion of his wealth to charity.
5. She was raised with a strong sense of piety and moral values.
6. The community was impressed by the young boy's piety and devotion to God.

History and etymology of piety

The noun 'piety' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'pietas,' which encompassed a range of meanings including 'dutiful conduct,' 'loyalty,' and 'devotion.' In Roman culture, 'pietas' was a highly esteemed virtue that encompassed not only religious devotion but also loyalty to one's family, country, and ancestors. Over time, as Christianity spread and its concepts merged with Roman ideals, 'pietas' took on a more specifically religious connotation, signifying a deep and sincere reverence, devotion, or religious devotion, often directed towards a higher power, deity, or spiritual principles. This etymology reflects the evolution of the concept of piety from a broader sense of duty and loyalty to a more focused expression of devout and reverential devotion in a religious context, highlighting its enduring importance in matters of faith and spirituality.

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Further usage examples of piety

1. He demonstrated his piety by performing acts of charity and volunteering.
2. Her piety was reflected in her daily practice of prayer and meditation.
3. He was an example of piety and humility to those around him.
4. She was deeply pious and always put the needs of others before her own.
5. He was known for his piety and his willingness to help others in need.
6. Her piety and devotion to prayer were unwavering, even in challenging times.
7. The monastery was a sanctuary of contemplative piety and spiritual reflection.
8. Their family's deep-rooted piety influenced their values and daily rituals.
9. The priest's sermons touched the hearts of the congregation, fostering piety.
10. In the face of adversity, her piety provided a source of strength and comfort.
11. The philanthropist's acts of charity were driven by a genuine sense of piety.
12. The mosque served as a place of worship and a symbol of communal piety.
13. The nun's unwavering piety was evident in her selfless acts of kindness.
14. Their pilgrimage to the holy land was an expression of their profound piety.
15. The church's stained glass windows were a testament to artistic and spiritual piety.
16. His commitment to social justice was rooted in his religious piety.
17. The temple's serene atmosphere cultivated a sense of inner peace and piety.
18. Piety motivated them to volunteer at the local shelter, helping the less fortunate.
19. The pastor's humility and piety endeared him to the entire congregation.
20. Their shared piety and faith formed the foundation of their enduring friendship.
21. The monastery's gardens provided a tranquil setting for meditation and piety.
22. The elderly couple's long-lasting love was a testament to their enduring piety.
23. The cathedral's grandeur inspired awe and reverence, fostering spiritual piety.
24. Their commitment to environmental conservation reflected their ecological piety.
25. Piety served as a guiding light, illuminating their path of faith and compassion.

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