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How to pronounce poach (audio)

Dictionary definition of poach

To illegally hunt or fish on someone else's property without permission.
"He decided to poach on private land, disregarding the owner's rights."

Detailed meaning of poach

It can also refer to the act of stealing or taking something that doesn't belong to you, such as poaching employees from a competitor. In the culinary world, poaching involves cooking food by simmering it in a liquid, such as water or stock. For example, eggs can be poached by cracking them into a pot of simmering water until the whites are set and the yolks are still runny. Fish, chicken, and fruit are also commonly poached.

Example sentences containing poach

1. Farmers united, vowing to confront those who poach on their fertile lands.
2. She was caught red-handed as she tried to poach in the restricted forest.
3. He used drones to poach silently, evading the vigilant park rangers’ eyes.
4. Rangers patrol nightly, battling the surge of people who poach endangered animals.
5. In the moon's eerie glow, she'd poach rare birds, swiftly and silently.
6. They'll face hefty fines if they dare to poach in these protected woods again.

History and etymology of poach

The verb 'poach' has an etymology closely tied to the act of unauthorized hunting or fishing. It comes from the Middle French word 'pocher,' which meant 'to pocket' or 'to enclose in a bag.' The term 'pocher' was originally used in the context of cooking, referring to the gentle cooking of food by immersing it in simmering liquid. Over time, 'poach' acquired its current meaning, signifying the unlawful hunting or fishing of game or fish, typically on someone else's property or without permission. The etymology of 'poach' thus reflects the idea of encroaching upon another's territory or resources, emphasizing the illicit nature of such activities and their historical association with the unauthorized acquisition of wildlife for personal gain.

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Further usage examples of poach

1. The team's mission is to halt those who brazenly poach in wildlife reserves.
2. Armed with just a slingshot, the boy would poach rabbits at dawn's first light.
3. To poach in the king’s forest was a crime, punished by an archaic law’s might.
4. Using night-vision goggles, poachers skillfully poach under the veil of night.
5. Despite strict laws, audacious hunters still poach in broad daylight, fearless.
6. I do not condone anyone who decides to poach animals from protected lands.
7. If you poach in these woods, you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
8. He dared to poach in the King's forest, knowing the risk of severe punishment.
9. People who poach endangered species threaten the balance of our ecosystems.
10. They chose to poach from the reserve, oblivious to the harm they were causing.
11. If you poach wildlife, you are part of the problem, not the solution.
12. How can you poach without a shred of guilt for your actions?
13. Do not poach in the national park; respect the sanctity of nature.
14. When they chose to poach in the nature reserve, they showed complete disregard for conservation efforts.
15. The authorities received a tip that someone was planning to poach in the wildlife sanctuary.
16. If you poach rhinos, you contribute to their possible extinction.
17. Even though the fish were plentiful, he did not have the right to poach in that river.
18. While he was desperate for food, he knew he shouldn't poach from the farmer's property.
19. It is illegal to poach animals; penalties can be severe, including fines and imprisonment.
20. Many species are endangered because unscrupulous individuals choose to poach them for profit.
21. We must not poach in these woods; it is an act of utter disrespect for nature.
22. Despite the danger, he continued to poach from the protected reserve.
23. You can't just poach here; these lands belong to the indigenous people.
24. To poach is to steal life from nature, showing disregard for the balance of ecosystems.



trespass, respect, observe, comply


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