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How to pronounce politico (audio)


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Dictionary definition of politico

A person who is heavily involved in the world of politics, either as an elected official, political activist, or commentator.
"The young politico organized a protest against the government's policies."

Detailed meaning of politico

A politico is someone who has a deep understanding of political issues, and is often involved in shaping policy, influencing public opinion, or advocating for certain causes. This can include individuals who work in government, political campaigns, or political media, as well as those who are active in grassroots political movements. Overall, the term "politico" connotes a sense of political savvy and expertise, as well as a strong interest in the workings of government and society.

Example sentences containing politico

1. The politico held a press conference to address the recent scandal.
2. The influential politico was known for his charismatic speeches.
3. The young politico quickly rose through the ranks of the party.
4. The politico's campaign promises resonated with voters.
5. The seasoned politico had years of experience in the political arena.
6. The local politico organized a town hall meeting to discuss community concerns.

History and etymology of politico

The noun 'politico' has its etymological origins in Italian and Latin. It is a diminutive form of the Italian word 'politica,' which means 'politics,' and is derived from the Latin word 'politicus,' meaning 'related to politics' or 'pertaining to the state.' Therefore, 'politico' can be understood as someone who is closely associated with politics or the affairs of the state. In contemporary usage, it refers to a person who is heavily involved in the world of politics, whether as an elected official, political activist, commentator, or someone engaged in political affairs. 'Politico' underscores the individual's active participation or engagement in the political sphere, reflecting their role in shaping or commenting on political events and issues. Its etymology highlights its connection to the broader field of politics and governance.

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Further usage examples of politico

1. The ambitious politico announced his bid for the upcoming election.
2. The scandalous revelations about the politico shocked the public.
3. The media closely followed the activities of the high-profile politico.
4. The politico's legislative proposals faced opposition from rival politicians.
5. The politico was renowned for his negotiation skills and diplomacy.
6. The politico's supporters praised his commitment to social justice.
7. The corrupt actions of the politico tarnished his reputation.
8. The politico's personal life became a subject of public scrutiny.
9. The politico's speech at the rally rallied the crowd with his impassioned words.
10. The politico's policy initiatives aimed to address economic inequality.
11. The politico's party faced internal divisions and power struggles.
12. The ambitious politico aspired to become a national leader one day.
13. The politico's integrity and ethics were questioned by his opponents.
14. The politico's charismatic personality attracted a loyal following.



politician, apolitical, nonpartisan, neutral


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