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How to pronounce powerful (audio)

Dictionary definition of powerful

Possessing great strength, force, or influence.
"The film had a powerful impact, leaving viewers with a lasting emotional experience."

Detailed meaning of powerful

It denotes the ability to exert significant impact, control, or authority over a situation, object, or individual. When applied to physical objects or forces, "powerful" suggests a high level of energy, intensity, or potency. It implies the capacity to generate or withstand substantial force or motion. In the context of individuals, "powerful" refers to individuals who possess exceptional strength, capabilities, or expertise that enables them to accomplish significant feats or wield influence over others. Furthermore, "powerful" can also describe ideas, emotions, or experiences that evoke intense impact or deeply affect individuals. It signifies a profound and profound effect that resonates and leaves a lasting impression. Overall, the adjective "powerful" conveys a sense of strength, impact, or authority that elicits admiration, respect, or awe.

Example sentences containing powerful

1. The hurricane was a powerful force of nature, causing widespread destruction.
2. She delivered a powerful speech that moved the audience to tears.
3. The CEO's powerful leadership transformed the company into a global industry leader.
4. The athlete's powerful serve was nearly impossible to return.
5. The superhero possessed powerful abilities that allowed them to save the city from danger.
6. The medicine provided powerful relief from the severe pain.

History and etymology of powerful

The adjective 'powerful' derives its etymological roots from the noun 'power.' 'Power' itself can be traced back to the Latin word 'potentia,' which originates from 'potens,' meaning 'powerful' or 'able.' This Latin root encapsulates the concept of possessing great strength, force, or influence. From 'power,' the adjective 'powerful' naturally emerges in English to describe something or someone as having substantial capability or impact. Therefore, the etymology of 'powerful' directly links it to the underlying notion of possessing significant strength, force, or influence, making it a fitting term to describe entities or phenomena with great potential and impact.

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Further usage examples of powerful

1. The engine produced a powerful roar as the car accelerated down the racetrack.
2. The artist's painting evoked powerful emotions and conveyed a profound message.
3. The powerful scent of freshly baked bread filled the bakery.
4. The novel told a powerful story of resilience and triumph over adversity.
5. The politician used powerful rhetoric to rally support for their campaign.
6. The powerful storm left a path of destruction in its wake.
7. Her powerful voice commanded the attention of the entire room.
8. The powerful message of the speech resonated with the audience.
9. The CEO is known for making powerful decisions.
10. Technology has become a powerful tool in our daily lives.
11. The athlete displayed a powerful burst of speed in the race.
12. The nation's military is one of the most powerful in the world.
13. A powerful earthquake shook the city, causing widespread panic.
14. The novel had a powerful impact on readers' emotions.
15. The actor's performance was a powerful portrayal of despair.
16. A powerful current swept the swimmer out to sea.
17. The medicine proved to be a powerful remedy for the illness.
18. The powerful lobbying group had significant influence on policy.
19. The powerful aroma of freshly baked bread filled the kitchen.
20. The powerful aroma of coffee wafted through the café.
21. A powerful gust of wind knocked down trees and power lines.
22. The powerful documentary shed light on important social issues.
23. The powerful combination of flavors made the dish unforgettable.
24. His powerful intellect made him a formidable debater.
25. The powerful locomotive pulled a long line of freight cars.



strong, weak, feeble, impotent


Suffix -ful, TOEFL 14, Strength and Resilience, Power and Control

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