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How to pronounce predominant (audio)


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Dictionary definition of predominant

Of the most prevalent, important or influential among a group or collection of things.
"The predominant theme in the book was love and relationships."

Detailed meaning of predominant

For example, if a particular color is predominant in a room, it means that it is the most common or most noticeable color. If a particular trait is predominant in a population, it means that it is more common or more widespread among the people in that population.

Example sentences containing predominant

1. English is the predominant language spoken in this multicultural city.
2. The predominant color in the painting is a vibrant shade of blue.
3. Technology plays a predominant role in our daily lives.
4. His talent in music was the predominant factor in his success.
5. The predominant theme of the novel is love and sacrifice.
6. In the animal kingdom, the lion is often the predominant predator.

History and etymology of predominant

The adjective 'predominant' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'praedominans,' which is formed from 'prae,' meaning 'before' or 'above,' and 'dominans,' meaning 'ruling' or 'controlling.' In essence, 'predominant' originally meant 'ruling before' or 'holding authority above others.' Over time, this concept of having superior influence or importance within a group or collection of things carried forward into the English language. When we use the term 'predominant' today, we are describing something as being of the most prevalent, important, or influential among a set of items or within a particular context, highlighting its dominant and leading role.

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Further usage examples of predominant

1. The predominant issue in the election was healthcare reform.
2. In fashion, comfort is often the predominant consideration.
3. Economic stability is of predominant importance to many nations.
4. The predominant emotion in the room was one of excitement.
5. The predominant scent in the garden was that of blooming roses.
6. Science and innovation are the predominant drivers of progress.
7. In this region, agriculture is the predominant industry.
8. The predominant flavor in the dish is a hint of cinnamon.
9. The predominant focus of the conference was environmental sustainability.
10. The predominant source of energy in the country is solar power.
11. The predominant feeling among the team was one of camaraderie.
12. Freedom of speech is a predominant value in democratic societies.
13. The predominant sound at the concert was the roar of the crowd.
14. In the art world, abstract expressionism was the predominant style.
15. The predominant factor in his decision was financial stability.
16. The predominant ideology of the era was liberalism.
17. The predominant element in the alloy is titanium.
18. The predominant voice in the debate was that of the expert.
19. The predominant issue facing the company is a lack of innovation.
20. The predominant architectural style in the city is modernist.
21. The predominant character in the story is a young heroine.
22. The predominant aroma in the kitchen was that of freshly baked bread.
23. In the market, brand reputation is of predominant importance.
24. The predominant feeling after the storm passed was one of relief.



dominant, minor, insignificant, secondary


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