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How to pronounce foremost (audio)

Dictionary definition of foremost

Occupying a position of utmost importance, significance, or prominence within a particular context.
"He was the foremost authority on the subject, having studied it extensively."

Detailed meaning of foremost

When something is referred to as foremost, it means it is at the forefront or leading edge, often surpassing all others in terms of influence, excellence, or priority. For instance, in a group of talented musicians, the foremost pianist would be the one who is recognized as the most skilled and influential in the field of piano playing. In the context of ideas or principles, "foremost" may refer to a belief or concept that holds a central and foundational role in a particular philosophy or ideology. This adjective emphasizes the preeminent status of the subject it describes, underscoring its leadership or primary position within a given category or domain.

Example sentences containing foremost

1. He was the foremost expert in the field, having published numerous papers and books.
2. She was the foremost advocate for the rights of the marginalized communities.
3. The company was the foremost provider of technology solutions in the industry.
4. He was the foremost leader of the movement, inspiring others to take action.
5. The city was the foremost destination for tourists, known for its culture and history.
6. She was the foremost researcher in the field, making groundbreaking discoveries.

History and etymology of foremost

The adjective 'foremost' has its origins in the Old English language. It stems from the Old English word 'formest,' which is a combination of 'for,' meaning 'before' or 'in front of,' and 'mest,' signifying 'most' or 'utmost.' In its earliest use, 'foremost' described something or someone located at the very front or in the most prominent position within a particular context. Over time, this concept of being in the leading or preeminent position evolved, and 'foremost' came to signify occupying a position of utmost importance, significance, or prominence in any given field or circumstance. When we describe something as 'foremost' today, we are emphasizing its preeminent or top-tier status within its category, underscoring its exceptional importance or significance.

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Further usage examples of foremost

1. The school was the foremost institution in the field of education, attracting top students and faculty.
2. The organization was the foremost provider of aid and assistance in the region.
3. She was the foremost authority on the language, having studied it for many years.
4. The country was the foremost military power in the region, known for its powerful army.
5. He was the foremost figure in the field, respected and admired by his peers.
6. She was the foremost expert in her field, sought after for her knowledge.
7. The safety of the passengers was the foremost concern of the airline.
8. His dedication to the cause made him the foremost advocate for change.
9. The city's foremost attraction was its iconic skyline.
10. The scientist's groundbreaking research was considered foremost in the industry.
11. The president's foremost duty was to protect the nation's interests.
12. Her talent and charisma made her the foremost actress of her generation.
13. The team's foremost goal was to win the championship.
14. The book was the foremost authority on the subject.
15. The company's foremost priority was customer satisfaction.
16. His wisdom and leadership made him the foremost figure in the community.
17. The painting was the foremost masterpiece in the art gallery.
18. The professor was the foremost authority on ancient civilizations.
19. The safety of the students was the school's foremost responsibility.
20. The charity's foremost mission was to alleviate poverty.
21. The invention was the foremost technological advancement of the decade.
22. The team's foremost challenge was overcoming adversity.
23. The mountain range was the region's foremost natural wonder.
24. The chef's restaurant was the foremost dining destination in town.
25. The mission's success was the foremost achievement in space exploration.



leading, unimportant, secondary, minor


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