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How to pronounce prejudice (audio)

Dictionary definition of prejudice

A preconceived opinion or judgment about a person, group, or situation that is formed without sufficient knowledge, experience, or rational consideration.
"Prejudice often stems from fear and ignorance."

Detailed meaning of prejudice

Prejudice involves holding biased beliefs or attitudes towards individuals or groups based on characteristics such as race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or social class. It is a deeply ingrained and often irrational mindset that can lead to discriminatory behavior and unfair treatment. Prejudice can manifest in various forms, including stereotypes, negative assumptions, or hostility towards those perceived as different. It is detrimental to social harmony, equality, and justice. Overcoming prejudice requires open-mindedness, empathy, and a willingness to challenge and unlearn biases. By fostering understanding, embracing diversity, and promoting inclusivity, societies can strive towards a more equitable and accepting world, free from the shackles of prejudice.

Example sentences containing prejudice

1. The speaker delivered a powerful message about the harmful effects of prejudice.
2. The company has strict policies against any form of prejudice in the workplace.
3. Her success in the face of prejudice is a testament to her resilience.
4. We need to challenge our own prejudices and biases to promote equality.
5. Prejudice can lead to discrimination and marginalization of certain groups.
6. The film aims to shed light on the damaging consequences of racial prejudice.

History and etymology of prejudice

The noun 'prejudice' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'praejudicium,' which is a combination of 'prae,' meaning 'before,' and 'judicium,' meaning 'judgment' or 'opinion.' In Latin, 'praejudicium' referred to a judgment or opinion formed before the facts were known. As the term evolved through Old French and Middle English, it retained its fundamental meaning, describing a preconceived judgment or bias formed without sufficient knowledge, experience, or rational consideration. The etymology of 'prejudice' underscores the concept of pre-judging or forming opinions before gaining a complete understanding, highlighting the negative connotations associated with making judgments based on incomplete or biased information.

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Further usage examples of prejudice

1. The organization advocates for the rights of those who have experienced prejudice.
2. Prejudice can hinder social progress and impede empathy and understanding.
3. Overcoming prejudice requires education, dialogue, and empathy.
4. The workshop provided strategies for addressing prejudice and promoting inclusivity.
5. The community came together to address issues of prejudice and build a more inclusive environment.
6. Overcoming prejudice requires open-mindedness and empathy.
7. Prejudice can perpetuate harmful stereotypes in society.
8. Discrimination often stems from deeply ingrained prejudice.
9. Education is vital in combating prejudice and bias.
10. Prejudice can hinder social progress and unity.
11. Prejudice can blind us to the individual's true character.
12. Media can influence the spread of prejudice.
13. Prejudice can lead to unfair treatment and inequality.
14. Unchecked prejudice can escalate into hate crimes.
15. Challenging one's own prejudice is a sign of growth.
16. Addressing systemic prejudice is a complex endeavor.
17. Prejudice can harm relationships and erode trust.
18. Prejudice can limit opportunities for marginalized groups.
19. Implicit prejudice can exist even without conscious awareness.
20. Promoting diversity can help counteract prejudice.
21. Prejudice often arises from fear and ignorance.
22. Legal measures can combat workplace prejudice.
23. Prejudice can distort one's perception of reality.
24. Recognizing our own prejudice is the first step to change.
25. A society free of prejudice fosters inclusivity and harmony.



bias, impartiality, fairness, open-mindedness


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