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How to pronounce presence (audio)

Dictionary definition of presence

The state or quality of being present, existing, or being in a particular place or situation.
"The actor commanded the stage with his powerful presence."

Detailed meaning of presence

It encompasses the act of being physically or mentally present, engaged, or attentive. Presence can also describe the aura, demeanor, or charisma that an individual emanates, affecting the way they are perceived by others. It goes beyond mere physical proximity and involves an awareness and connectedness to the present moment and surroundings. Presence can be felt and sensed, influencing the atmosphere, energy, or mood of a space or interaction. When someone has a strong presence, they command attention, convey confidence, and exude a certain magnetism or authority. Presence can also refer to the existence or occurrence of something or someone, such as the presence of an object or the presence of a certain quality or attribute. Overall, presence encompasses the notion of being fully engaged, aware, and influential in a given moment or context.

Example sentences containing presence

1. Her calm presence in the room put everyone at ease.
2. The absence of his presence was felt deeply by his friends and family.
3. The CEO's strong presence at the meeting signaled the importance of the discussion.
4. The speaker's presence filled the auditorium, captivating the audience's attention.
5. The soothing presence of nature helped to alleviate stress and anxiety.
6. The presence of technology in our lives has greatly impacted how we communicate.

History and etymology of presence

The noun 'presence' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'praesentia,' derived from 'praesens,' which means 'being present' or 'existing at hand.' In Latin, 'praesentia' conveyed the idea of being physically or immediately present in a particular place or situation. As the term transitioned into Old French as 'presence,' and later into Middle English, it retained its core meaning of the state or quality of being present or existing. The etymology of 'presence' emphasizes the concept of something being in a particular place or situation, capturing the essence of its significance in describing the state of being there in a given context or location.

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Further usage examples of presence

1. The teacher's encouraging presence inspired her students to strive for success.
2. The security guard's vigilant presence ensured the safety of the premises.
3. The strong presence of the brand in the market made it a leader in its industry.
4. The warmth and kindness of her presence made her a beloved friend to many.
5. The presence of historical artifacts in the museum provided a tangible link to the past.
6. Her presence in the room immediately brightened it.
7. The calming presence of nature soothes the soul.
8. His presence at the meeting was essential for decision-making.
9. The absence of her presence was deeply felt.
10. The president's presence was a source of inspiration.
11. The presence of art in the city enhances its culture.
12. The teacher's presence commanded respect in the classroom.
13. The presence of technology has revolutionized communication.
14. Your presence here today means a lot to us.
15. The presence of a mentor can guide one to success.
16. The singer's presence on stage was electrifying.
17. The presence of mind is crucial in emergencies.
18. A strong online presence is vital for businesses today.
19. The majestic mountain had a commanding presence.
20. His mere presence in the room silenced the crowd.
21. The presence of love can heal even the deepest wounds.
22. The presence of diversity enriches our community.
23. The eerie presence in the old house sent shivers down spines.
24. The presence of teamwork led to project success.
25. The calming presence of the ocean soothes troubled minds.



existence, absence, nonexistence, unavailability


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