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How to pronounce preventive (audio)


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Dictionary definition of preventive

Intended or designed to prevent or hinder the occurrence, development, or spread of something undesirable, harmful, or unwanted.
"The doctor recommended preventive screenings to detect potential health problems early."


Detailed meaning of preventive

It pertains to measures, actions, or strategies taken in advance to minimize risks, mitigate harm, or avert negative outcomes. When something is described as preventive, it implies a proactive approach aimed at stopping or reducing the likelihood of problems, dangers, or adverse events. Preventive measures can include various interventions, such as vaccinations to prevent diseases, safety protocols to prevent accidents, or policies to prevent conflicts. The adjective underscores the importance of foresight, planning, and taking precautionary steps to maintain well-being, safety, and stability. By addressing potential issues before they arise or worsen, preventive actions seek to create a safer, healthier, and more secure environment for individuals, communities, or systems.

Example sentences containing preventive

1. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are preventive measures for maintaining good physical health.
2. The company implemented preventive maintenance to minimize equipment breakdowns.
3. Wearing sunscreen is a preventive measure to protect the skin from harmful UV rays.
4. The school instituted preventive measures to ensure the safety of its students.
5. Installing smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are essential preventive steps for home safety.
6. The organization conducted training sessions on conflict resolution as a preventive approach to reducing workplace disputes.

History and etymology of preventive

The adjective 'preventive' has its etymology rooted in the Latin word 'praeventivus,' which is derived from 'praeventus,' the past participle of 'praevenire.' In Latin, 'praevenire' means 'to come before' or 'to anticipate.' 'Praeventivus' in Latin described something that came before or anticipated a particular event or circumstance, often with the intention of hindering or avoiding it. This Latin term was later adopted into Old French as 'preventif,' and eventually, it became 'preventive' in English. The etymology of 'preventive' underscores its role in anticipating and proactively hindering the occurrence, development, or spread of something undesirable or harmful, reflecting its purpose as a measure taken to avoid or mitigate potential problems or threats.

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Further usage examples of preventive

1. Vaccinations are considered one of the most effective preventive measures against infectious diseases.
2. The government launched a preventive campaign to educate the public about the dangers of substance abuse.
3. The IT department implemented preventive cybersecurity measures to safeguard sensitive data.
4. Regular dental check-ups and teeth cleaning are preventive practices for maintaining oral health.
5. The insurance policy included preventive coverage for routine health screenings and preventive care.
6. Regular exercise is a preventive measure for maintaining good health.
7. Vaccinations are essential for preventive healthcare.
8. She always wears sunscreen as a preventive skincare measure.
9. The security system is a preventive measure against break-ins.
10. Handwashing is a simple preventive action against infections.
11. Early detection is crucial for preventive cancer care.
12. Proper diet is a preventive step to avoid obesity.
13. The safety guidelines are preventive measures for accidents.
14. Seatbelts are a preventive measure in car safety.
15. Flu shots are a preventive approach to seasonal illness.
16. A balanced diet is a preventive measure for heart disease.
17. Regular dental check-ups are preventive for oral health.
18. Fire extinguishers are crucial preventive tools in buildings.
19. Air filters help as preventive measures against allergies.
20. Wearing a helmet is a preventive action for head injuries.
21. Safety drills are preventive strategies for emergencies.
22. Screen time limits serve as preventive measures for eye strain.
23. Pest control is a preventive measure for home hygiene.
24. Smoke detectors are preventive devices for fire safety.
25. Hand sanitizers are preventive tools against germs.



deterrent, causative, promoting, enabling


Prefix pre-, Dominance and Dissent, Tactical Maneuvers and Control, Prediction and Foresight

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