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How to pronounce privy (audio)

Dictionary definition of privy

Known to or shared with only a select or limited group of individuals, often implying a sense of secrecy, exclusivity, or insider knowledge.
"The CEO is privy to confidential information about the upcoming merger."

Detailed meaning of privy

When something is described as privy, it suggests that the information, understanding, or participation in a particular matter is restricted to those who are in the know or have special access. For example, confidential information might be privy only to a few trusted individuals within an organization. Similarly, a privy council refers to a select group of advisors who hold a confidential and close relationship with a leader or monarch. In a broader sense, "privy" conveys the idea of being part of an exclusive circle or having privileged insight into certain affairs or details that are not readily available to the general public.

Example sentences containing privy

1. Only a few people are privy to the company's financial records.
2. The details of the contract were privy to only a select group of executives.
3. The lawyer was privy to sensitive information about her client's case.
4. As a doctor, he was privy to his patients' medical histories.
5. The actor had a privy dressing room away from the rest of the cast.
6. The royal family has a privy council to advise them on important matters.

History and etymology of privy

The adjective 'privy' has its origins in Old French, where it was 'privé,' derived from the Latin word 'privatus,' which means 'private' or 'personal.' In Latin, 'privatus' was formed from 'privare,' signifying 'to deprive' or 'to separate.' The etymology of 'privy' thus conveys the notion of something being private or personal, not shared with the public but limited to a select few. Over time, 'privy' has come to signify knowledge, information, or involvement that is restricted to a particular group, often implying a sense of secrecy, exclusivity, or insider understanding. This historical connection emphasizes the concept of privileged access or being part of an exclusive circle with special insights or information.

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Further usage examples of privy

1. The guests had access to a privy garden in the back of the estate.
2. The club has a privy membership that is invitation-only.
3. The meeting was held in a privy location to avoid media attention.
4. The high-security facility is privy to classified government information.
5. The document was labeled "Privy and Confidential" to indicate its restricted access.
6. She was privy to highly confidential government documents.
7. Privy conversations among diplomats shaped international policy.
8. They were privy to the intricacies of the corporate merger.
9. His privy knowledge of the market trends made him a sought-after advisor.
10. Privy discussions in the boardroom often had a significant impact.
11. Being privy to the family's estate plan is a position of trust.
12. The inner circle was privy to sensitive national security briefings.
13. Privy information requires strict confidentiality.
14. She felt honored to be privy to their personal stories.
15. They were privy to classified intelligence about the mission.
16. Privy meetings among world leaders addressed global challenges.
17. Only a select few were privy to the scientific breakthrough.
18. She became privy to their centuries-old traditions and rituals.
19. Privy access to the top executives' meetings provided valuable insights.
20. He's privy to the confidential decisions of the executive committee.
21. Privy insights shared among trusted advisors guided important choices.
22. Privy discussions with experts contributed to well-informed policies.
23. Being privy to the inner workings of a startup is an educational experience.
24. The team was privy to groundbreaking research that reshaped the field.
25. Privy information is a privilege that must be safeguarded diligently.



informed, ignorant, unaware, uninformed


SAT 14 (Scholastic Assessment Test), High School 5, Knowledge and Wisdom

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