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Definition of 'prodigious'

Extraordinarily impressive, exceptional, or remarkable in size, extent, skill, or quality.
"He wrote a prodigious number of hit records throughout his career."

Detailed Meaning of 'prodigious'

When an object, achievement, or talent is referred to as "prodigious," it signifies that it is far beyond what is typically encountered, often leaving a sense of awe or admiration. For instance, a prodigious talent in music suggests an individual possesses an exceptional and awe-inspiring ability in playing an instrument or composing music. A prodigious feat might describe an extraordinary and monumental accomplishment, such as the construction of a massive skyscraper or the completion of a groundbreaking scientific discovery. Overall, "prodigious" conveys the idea of something being on a grand, astonishing scale that stands out as truly extraordinary and worthy of special recognition.


Examples of 'prodigious' in a Sentence

1. The boy had a prodigious talent for chess and mathematics.
2. He chopped a prodigious supply of firewood for winter.
3. A prodigious sum of money was bid for the painting.
4. He was capable of drinking prodigious amounts of whisky without sluring his words.
5. It was a prodigious opportunity that was too good to turn down.
6. The old man retained a prodigious amount of knowledge and wisdom.

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Origins & Etymology of 'prodigious'

The adjective 'prodigious' has its roots in the Latin word 'prodigiosus,' which evolved from 'prodigium,' meaning 'omen' or 'portent.' This etymology suggests that something 'prodigious' was originally associated with extraordinary or remarkable events or occurrences that were seen as omens or signs of great significance. Over time, the word expanded its meaning to refer to anything that was exceptionally impressive, remarkable, or extraordinary in size, extent, skill, or quality. Thus, the etymology of 'prodigious' connects its modern usage to its historical association with exceptional and portentous phenomena.


How to pronounce prodigious (audio)


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