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How to pronounce extraordinary (audio)

Dictionary definition of extraordinary

Going beyond the ordinary or usual, possessing exceptional or remarkable qualities.
"The scientist made an extraordinary discovery that could revolutionize the field of medicine."

Detailed meaning of extraordinary

It refers to objects, events, or individuals that stand out due to their remarkable nature, often surpassing what is considered typical or expected. An extraordinary event is one that is rare, unusual, or extraordinary in its impact or significance. Similarly, an extraordinary person is someone who possesses exceptional skills, talents, or achievements, distinguishing them from the general population. This adjective implies an element of surprise, awe, or admiration, as it suggests something extraordinary is out of the ordinary, surpassing the common boundaries and exceeding expectations.

Example sentences containing extraordinary

1. The magician performed an extraordinary trick that left the audience in awe.
2. The sunset over the ocean was an extraordinary sight, with vibrant colors painting the sky.
3. She possessed an extraordinary talent for playing the piano, captivating listeners with her skill.
4. The team's extraordinary comeback in the final minutes of the game amazed spectators.
5. The extraordinary bravery of the firefighters saved numerous lives during the devastating fire.
6. The artist created an extraordinary sculpture that pushed the boundaries of traditional art.

History and etymology of extraordinary

The adjective 'extraordinary' has its etymology rooted in Latin. It originates from the Latin word 'extraordinarius,' which is a combination of 'extra,' meaning 'beyond,' and 'ordinarius,' meaning 'ordinary.' Therefore, 'extraordinarius' essentially means 'beyond ordinary' or 'out of the ordinary.' As Latin evolved into Middle English, 'extraordinary' retained its fundamental meaning, describing something that goes beyond the usual or possesses exceptional qualities. This term continues to convey the idea of remarkable or uncommon characteristics, reflecting its etymological heritage in the concept of surpassing the ordinary or everyday expectations.

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Further usage examples of extraordinary

1. The mountain climber accomplished an extraordinary feat by scaling the treacherous peak.
2. The novel told an extraordinary story of love and redemption that touched readers' hearts.
3. The company's extraordinary profits exceeded all expectations and impressed investors.
4. The astronaut had an extraordinary experience, floating in space and witnessing the beauty of the universe.
5. The child showed extraordinary intelligence, solving complex puzzles at a young age.
6. Her extraordinary talent left the audience in awe of her mesmerizing performance.
7. The scientist made an extraordinary breakthrough in renewable energy.
8. They shared an extraordinary bond that transcended mere friendship.
9. The view from the mountaintop was truly extraordinary, a sight to behold.
10. His extraordinary generosity touched the lives of countless people.
11. The chef's culinary creations were nothing short of extraordinary.
12. The rescue team's efforts were extraordinary, saving lives in perilous conditions.
13. The ancient ruins held extraordinary secrets waiting to be uncovered.
14. Their love story was filled with extraordinary twists and turns.
15. The explorer embarked on an extraordinary journey to the ends of the earth.
16. The painting's colors were extraordinary, evoking deep emotions.
17. His resilience in the face of adversity was nothing short of extraordinary.
18. The architecture of the cathedral was an extraordinary feat of craftsmanship.
19. She possessed an extraordinary ability to see beauty in the smallest details.
20. The astronaut's view of Earth from space was an extraordinary sight.
21. The concert's music had an extraordinary impact on the audience's emotions.
22. The wildlife safari offered the opportunity to see extraordinary creatures.
23. The invention revolutionized the industry with its extraordinary features.
24. The professor's knowledge of history was truly extraordinary.
25. Their teamwork displayed extraordinary synergy, achieving remarkable results.



remarkable, ordinary, common, mundane


Admiration and Respect, Seduction and Allure, Energy and Vitality, Excellence and Eminence, Astonish and Outlandish

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