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How to pronounce prosecute (audio)

Dictionary definition of prosecute

To initiate and carry out legal proceedings against a person or organization accused of committing a crime.
"The district attorney decided to prosecute the suspect for robbery."

Detailed meaning of prosecute

Prosecuting involves bringing formal charges against the accused, presenting evidence, and pursuing legal action in a court of law. The purpose of prosecution is to seek justice, establish guilt, and hold individuals or entities accountable for their alleged criminal actions. It involves the thorough investigation of crimes, gathering of evidence, preparation of legal arguments, and presentation of a case before a judge or jury. The prosecutor, typically representing the government or the state, bears the responsibility of presenting the case against the defendant, aiming to prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The process of prosecution may involve interrogations, interviews, witness testimonies, expert opinions, and examination of physical evidence. It is guided by legal procedures, rules of evidence, and the principles of fairness and due process. If successful, prosecution may result in a conviction and the imposition of penalties or sanctions, such as imprisonment, fines, or probation.

Example sentences containing prosecute

1. The district attorney will prosecute the case against the accused.
2. The police department intends to prosecute the suspect for the alleged crime.
3. The attorney general decided to prosecute the company for fraudulent activities.
4. The prosecutor will prosecute the defendant to the fullest extent of the law.
5. The legal team is preparing to prosecute the high-profile corruption case.
6. The government has assigned a special prosecutor to prosecute the organized crime syndicate.

History and etymology of prosecute

The verb 'prosecute' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'prosequi,' which is a combination of 'pro,' meaning 'forward,' and 'sequi,' meaning 'to follow' or 'to pursue.' In Latin, 'prosequi' originally referred to the act of pursuing or following someone or something, both literally and metaphorically. Over time, it took on a legal connotation, signifying the act of initiating and carrying out legal proceedings against a person or organization accused of committing a crime. This concept was adopted into Old French as 'prosecuter' and later made its way into Middle English as 'prosecute,' retaining its fundamental meaning of pursuing or following through with legal actions. The etymology of 'prosecute' underscores its historical connection to the notion of legally pursuing and following through on allegations or charges, emphasizing its role in the realm of criminal justice and legal proceedings.

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Further usage examples of prosecute

1. The victim's family is urging the authorities to prosecute the perpetrator swiftly.
2. The judge ruled that there is enough evidence to prosecute the accused.
3. The attorney is confident in their ability to successfully prosecute the lawsuit.
4. The prosecutor plans to prosecute multiple individuals involved in the drug trafficking operation.
5. The state has hired a renowned prosecutor to prosecute complex financial crimes.
6. The prosecutor will diligently prosecute cases of domestic violence.
7. The district attorney's office has a dedicated unit to prosecute hate crimes.
8. The prosecutor is seeking to prosecute the suspect for first-degree murder.
9. The attorney general has vowed to prosecute corruption at all levels of government.
10. The special prosecutor has been appointed to prosecute cases of police misconduct.
11. The legal team is working tirelessly to gather evidence to prosecute the white-collar criminals.
12. The prosecutor is determined to prosecute those responsible for environmental pollution.
13. The authorities are determined to prosecute individuals involved in human trafficking.
14. The prosecutor will prosecute the defendant for violating the terms of their probation.



litigate, pardon, forgive, absolve


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