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possibility, improbability, unlikelihood, certainty


Prediction and Foresight, High School 5, Middle School 15



How to pronounce prospect (audio)


Dictionary definition of prospect

The likelihood or possibility of something happening or being achieved in the future.
"The project's success opened up prospects for future collaborations and partnerships."

Detailed meaning of prospect

It can also refer to the potential for success, advancement, or positive outcomes in a particular situation or endeavor. A prospect can be a promising or anticipated opportunity, event, or outcome that holds the potential for favorable results or benefits. It represents the possibility of future success, growth, or fulfillment. Additionally, the term "prospect" can describe a potential customer, client, or individual who shows interest in a product, service, or investment opportunity. It signifies someone who may be approached or targeted for business or other purposes. In a broader sense, "prospect" can encompass the assessment or evaluation of potential options, possibilities, or risks associated with a particular course of action. It involves analyzing various factors, such as feasibility, desirability, or profitability, to determine the potential value or success of a proposed idea, venture, or decision. Overall, the noun "prospect" encompasses the potential, possibilities, and opportunities that lie ahead in various contexts.

Example sentences containing prospect

1. The job applicant showed great potential and was a promising prospect for the company.
2. The team explored new business prospects to expand their market reach.
3. The real estate agent presented a list of attractive prospects for potential homebuyers.
4. The student's exceptional grades made her a strong prospect for scholarships.
5. The company's new product launch created exciting prospects for increased sales.
6. The investor carefully evaluated the prospects of various stocks before making a decision.

History and etymology of prospect

The noun 'prospect' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'prospectus,' which is derived from 'prospicere,' meaning 'to look forward' or 'to see into the distance.' In Latin, 'prospicere' combined 'pro,' meaning 'forward,' and 'spicere,' meaning 'to look.' The term originally referred to the act of looking forward, both literally and figuratively, and evolved to include the idea of examining or considering future possibilities. As Latin transitioned into Old French, 'prospect' emerged with the meaning of the likelihood or possibility of something happening or being achieved in the future. The etymology of 'prospect' underscores its historical connection to the act of looking ahead and considering future outcomes or possibilities, emphasizing its role in discussions related to potential or future events.

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Further usage examples of prospect

1. The athlete's outstanding performance caught the attention of scouts, making him a top prospect for professional sports teams.
2. The entrepreneur researched market trends to identify profitable business prospects.
3. The conference attracted industry leaders and presented valuable networking prospects.
4. The prospect of traveling to exotic destinations excited the avid traveler.
5. The internship offered valuable learning opportunities and long-term career prospects.
6. The prospect of success motivated her to work harder.
7. We're excited about the prospect of a new partnership.
8. The prospect of a promotion is within reach.
9. Uncertainty looms over the prospect of peace talks.
10. The financial prospect for the company looks promising.
11. He's exploring the prospect of a career change.
12. The prospect of rain may affect our outdoor plans.
13. The prospect of a brighter future drives him forward.
14. The prospect of winning the lottery is slim.
15. We're evaluating the prospect of expanding overseas.
16. The prospect of economic growth is on the horizon.
17. She faces the prospect of a challenging project.
18. The prospect of new opportunities excites us.
19. Despite setbacks, the prospect of success remains.
20. The prospect of a vacation is a welcome thought.
21. The prospect of failure shouldn't deter you.
22. The prospect of a raise boosted employee morale.
23. The prospect of adventure beckons us to explore.
24. We'll assess the prospect of launching a new product.
25. The prospect of change can be both daunting and exciting.

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