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How to pronounce prosperity (audio)


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Dictionary definition of prosperity

A state of being successful or flourishing, often in a material or financial sense.
"The country is experiencing a period of prosperity with a growing economy."

Detailed meaning of prosperity

It can also be used to describe a general sense of well-being and happiness, including having a positive outlook on life and being fulfilled in one's personal and professional endeavors. In this sense, prosperity can be seen as a measure of the quality of life and the ability to achieve one's goals and aspirations. While prosperity is often associated with financial wealth and material abundance, it can also encompass other aspects of life such as health, relationships, and personal growth. Overall, prosperity is a state of thriving and flourishing in various areas of life, and is often seen as a desirable goal for individuals and societies alike.

Example sentences containing prosperity

1. The nation's prosperity is evident in its strong economy.
2. Education is a path to greater prosperity for individuals.
3. The city experienced a period of unprecedented prosperity.
4. The company's growth contributed to its prosperity.
5. Hard work and innovation can lead to personal prosperity.
6. The government aimed to promote economic prosperity.

History and etymology of prosperity

The noun 'prosperity' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'prosperitas,' which is derived from 'prosperus,' meaning 'successful' or 'fortunate.' In its Latin form, 'prosperitas' denoted a state of being successful, fortunate, or thriving. As the word transitioned into English, it retained its sense of a state of success or flourishing, often in a material or financial sense. The term 'prosperity' reflects the historical belief that success and good fortune often lead to material and financial well-being. Its etymology can be traced back to the Latin root 'prosperus,' emphasizing the idea of success and fortune as essential elements of prosperity.

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Further usage examples of prosperity

1. Many people associate prosperity with financial wealth.
2. Prosperity often comes with a sense of security.
3. The entrepreneur's business ideas led to his prosperity.
4. The community's prosperity was linked to its thriving industries.
5. Prosperity can lead to greater opportunities for all.
6. Achieving prosperity requires dedication and perseverance.
7. The philanthropist used her wealth to promote prosperity.
8. The town's prosperity attracted new residents.
9. Prosperity can be measured by various economic indicators.
10. Economic policies can influence a nation's prosperity.
11. The organization's mission was to alleviate poverty and promote prosperity.
12. Access to education is a key factor in achieving prosperity.
13. The region enjoyed a period of sustained prosperity.
14. Prosperity can lead to improved living standards for all citizens.
15. The region's prosperity is dependent on the tourism industry.
16. He attributed his prosperity to hard work and determination.
17. During the time of prosperity, many people were able to buy their own homes.
18. The company's prosperity is due in large part to its innovative products.
19. The city's prosperity is closely tied to the success of its major industries.
20. He envisions a future of prosperity for his children.
21. The government's policies are aimed at promoting prosperity for all citizens.
22. The country's prosperity is closely tied to the success of its agricultural sector.
23. The nation's prosperity is reflected in the rising standard of living for its citizens.
24. He was determined to bring prosperity to his village through sustainable development.
25. The company's prosperity is reflected in its strong financial performance in recent years.



wealth, poverty, destitution, hardship


Progress and Enhancement, Advantageous and Beneficial, Ambition and Drive, Aspiration and Ambition, Wealth and Desire

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