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How to pronounce wealth (audio)


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Dictionary definition of wealth

A plentiful abundance of valuable resources, assets, or possessions.
"His family's generational wealth allowed him to pursue his dreams without financial constraints."


Detailed meaning of wealth

It denotes a state of great affluence, prosperity, or material well-being. Wealth encompasses various forms of valuable assets, including money, property, investments, and valuable possessions such as jewelry, artwork, or vehicles. It goes beyond mere financial resources and can also include intangible assets like knowledge, skills, relationships, and social connections that contribute to an individual's overall well-being and success. Wealth is often associated with the accumulation of resources and the ability to satisfy material desires and lead a comfortable lifestyle. It can provide opportunities, access to better healthcare, education, and experiences that enhance quality of life. The concept of wealth is subjective and can vary depending on cultural, societal, and individual perspectives, but it generally signifies an abundance of valuable resources that can contribute to one's economic, social, and personal fulfillment.

Example sentences containing wealth

1. The billionaire possessed immense wealth, with multiple luxurious mansions and a fleet of private jets.
2. The philanthropist dedicated a significant portion of her wealth to charitable causes.
3. The country's natural resources contributed to its wealth and economic growth.
4. The businessman's wealth afforded him the ability to travel the world and experience different cultures.
5. The inheritance brought sudden wealth to the young heiress, drastically changing her lifestyle.
6. Education is often seen as a pathway to greater wealth and opportunities.

History and etymology of wealth

The noun 'wealth' has its origins in the Old English word 'wela,' which can be traced back to the Proto-Germanic word 'welon.' In its etymological essence, 'wealth' embodies the concept of a plentiful abundance of valuable resources, assets, or possessions. Over time, it has evolved to represent not only material riches but also the idea of prosperity and well-being. 'Wealth' remains a fundamental term in discussions of affluence and abundance, reflecting the accumulation of resources that contribute to a person's or society's prosperity and comfort.

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Further usage examples of wealth

1. The entrepreneur built his wealth through innovative business ventures and strategic investments.
2. The growing divide between wealth and poverty is a pressing issue in society.
3. She amassed great wealth through years of hard work and determination.
4. The stock market crash wiped out a significant portion of people's wealth overnight.
5. The goal of many individuals is to achieve financial wealth and stability for themselves and their families.
6. Her wealth of knowledge on the subject impressed everyone.
7. The entrepreneur accumulated great wealth through innovation.
8. Wealth often comes with a responsibility to give back.
9. Their family's wealth allowed them to travel the world.
10. The city's wealth was evident in its towering skyscrapers.
11. Wealth can provide security but doesn't guarantee happiness.
12. Access to education can be a pathway to wealth.
13. Environmental conservation is crucial for future wealth.
14. The nation's wealth gap was a topic of debate.
15. Generosity can enrich your soul more than wealth.
16. Health is a wealth that money can't always buy.
17. The exhibit showcased the cultural wealth of the region.
18. Wealth can amplify a person's true character.
19. The discovery of oil transformed their nation's wealth.
20. His wealth of experience made him an expert in the field.
21. She believed in sharing her wealth with those in need.
22. The museum displayed the artistic wealth of the era.
23. A wealth of opportunities awaited the graduates.
24. Wealth can open doors, but character defines success.
25. The billionaire's philanthropy aimed to spread wealth.



richness, poverty, destitution, lack


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