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How to pronounce abundance (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'abundance'

Having a plentiful and ample quantity of something, often in excess of what is needed or expected.
"The river was teeming with an abundance of fish."

Detailed Meaning of 'abundance'

It signifies an overflowing or copious supply of resources, possessions, qualities, or conditions. Abundance can apply to various aspects of life, including material wealth, natural resources, opportunities, talents, or positive qualities like love, happiness, or good fortune. When something is described as abundant, it is characterized by its profusion, affluence, or richness, suggesting an ample supply that can lead to a sense of plenty or even extravagance. The concept of abundance is often associated with prosperity, success, and well-being, emphasizing the idea of having more than enough to meet one's needs or desires. Overall, "abundance" conveys a sense of surplus and plenitude, reflecting a state of great abundance or richness.

History and Etymology of 'abundance'

The noun 'abundance' has its etymological roots in Latin, originating from the word 'abundantia.' This Latin term is derived from 'abundans,' which is the present participle of 'abundare,' meaning 'to overflow' or 'to abound.' When we delve into its etymology, we find that 'abundance' is inherently tied to the idea of something overflowing or exceeding its limits. This concept underscores its meaning of having a plentiful and ample quantity of something, often in excess of what is needed or expected. Thus, the term 'abundance' carries with it the notion of a profusion or surplus, reflecting its linguistic heritage of overflowing and abundance beyond measure.

Examples of 'abundance' in a Sentence

1. The chef's signature dish was characterized by an abundance of flavorful spices.
2. The successful entrepreneur enjoyed an abundance of wealth and success.
3. The lush forest was teeming with an abundance of diverse plant species.
4. The coastal region was known for its abundance of fresh seafood.
5. The artist's studio was filled with an abundance of paints, brushes, and canvases.
6. The harvest festival celebrated the abundance of crops and bountiful yields.
7. The holiday season was marked by an abundance of joy and cheer.
8. The abundance of natural resources in the region attracted many industries.
9. The entrepreneur had an abundance of innovative ideas for his next venture.
10. The writer's notebook was filled with an abundance of creative thoughts and story ideas.
11. The abundance of talent in the music industry made competition fierce.
12. The vacation destination offered an abundance of attractions and entertainment options.
13. The garden was a testament to the abundance of love and care given by the gardener.
14. The generous rainfall resulted in an abundance of vibrant green landscapes.





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