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How to pronounce protracted (audio)

Dictionary definition of protracted

Extended in time or duration, usually lasting longer than what is normal or expected.
"The legal dispute was protracted and went to court several times."

Detailed meaning of protracted

It describes a process or event that has been drawn out or prolonged, often to the point of becoming tedious or frustrating. A protracted conflict or negotiation is one that continues for a long time, often with little progress being made. Similarly, a protracted illness or recovery is one that takes longer than usual or expected to heal. In general, the term protracted is used to describe a situation that has been stretched out over time, either intentionally or unintentionally, and may be causing discomfort or inconvenience to those involved.

Example sentences containing protracted

1. The protracted legal battle drained both parties emotionally and financially.
2. He was absent due to a protracted illness that took months to diagnose properly.
3. The protracted negotiations finally resulted in an agreement after several months.
4. Their protracted separation strained the relationship beyond the point of repair.
5. The protracted debate in Congress delayed the passage of the important bill.
6. A protracted drought devastated the region, leading to severe water shortages.

History and etymology of protracted

The adjective 'protracted' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'protractus,' which is formed from 'pro-' (meaning 'forward' or 'ahead') and 'tractus' (meaning 'drawn' or 'pulled'). Therefore, 'protracted' etymologically signifies something that is 'drawn forward' or 'extended in time.' In modern usage, 'protracted' describes something that is extended in time or duration, usually lasting longer than what is normal or expected. It emphasizes the idea of a drawn-out or prolonged period, often implying that a situation or process is taking more time than anticipated. The etymology of 'protracted' underscores its connection to the concept of forward extension in time, highlighting its role in describing events or circumstances that linger or endure longer than usual.

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Further usage examples of protracted

1. The construction work faced a protracted delay due to unforeseen complications.
2. The protracted conflict showed no signs of resolution, worrying international observers.
3. Students complained about the protracted lecture that seemed to go on forever.
4. She endured a protracted period of unemployment before finding a suitable job.
5. The company faced protracted losses, leading to a comprehensive review of operations.
6. His protracted research finally culminated in a groundbreaking scientific discovery.
7. They went through a protracted process to adopt a child from another country.
8. The athletes prepared for a protracted tournament that lasted several weeks.
9. He struggled with a protracted bout of writer's block before finishing the novel.
10. She was exhausted from the protracted journey that took her across three continents.
11. A protracted courtship preceded their eventual decision to get married.
12. The artist spent a protracted amount of time perfecting the intricate painting.
13. They engaged in protracted deliberations before settling on a business strategy.
14. The protracted economic slump caused many businesses to shut down permanently.
15. The negotiations were protracted and lasted for several months.
16. The illness was protracted and required a long recovery period.
17. The construction project was protracted due to delays and complications.
18. The process of changing the policy was protracted and met with resistance.
19. The war was protracted and caused much destruction and loss of life.
20. The discussion was protracted as they debated different options.
21. The recovery from the economic recession was protracted and slow.
22. The process of gaining approval for the project was protracted and difficult.
23. The research was protracted and required many years of work.
24. The campaign was protracted and lasted for several months.
25. The healing process was protracted due to the severity of the injury.



prolonged, brief, short, fleeting


Continuation and Perseverance, Duration and Transience, Time and Chronology

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