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How to pronounce chronic (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'chronic'

Long-lasting, always present or frequently occurring, especially of a disease or something troublesome.
"The patient had a chronic illness that required daily medication."

Detailed meaning of 'chronic'

For example, a chronic illness is one that persists or continues for a long time, often for the rest of a person's life. A chronic problem is one that persists or continues over a long period of time, often despite efforts to fix it. The term is often used to describe conditions or problems that are difficult to treat or cure, and that require ongoing management or treatment. It can also be used more generally to describe something that is long-lasting or persistent.

History and etymology of 'chronic'

The adjective 'chronic' derives its etymological origins from the Greek word 'khronikos,' which means 'pertaining to time' or 'occurring over a period of time.' 'Chronic' is used to describe conditions, ailments, or issues that are long-lasting, always present, or frequently recurring, especially when referring to diseases or persistent problems. The term embodies the concept of an enduring, ongoing nature, often characterized by a protracted course or a lack of resolution. 'Chronic' reflects the recognition of the passage of time as a defining characteristic of these conditions and underscores the need for sustained attention and management in dealing with them. It acknowledges the challenges posed by conditions that persist over extended periods, whether in the context of health or other aspects of life.

Example sentences containing 'chronic'

1. The country had a chronic problem with poverty.
2. He had a chronic habit of procrastination.
3. The school had a chronic shortage of resources.
4. She had a chronic condition that made it hard for her to walk.
5. Approximately one in four people live with chronic arthritis.
6. He is a chronic smoker who is unable to beat his addiction.
7. He has suffered from chronic arthritis for over twenty years.
8. She is taking medication for chronic indigestion.
9. He is tired of the court's chronic meddling in his personal affairs.
10. She is an insecure woman with a chronic need for attention.
11. Drug addicition is a chronic blight on inner-city youths.
12. There is a chronic shortage of nurses in our hospitals.
13. There is a chronic shortage of teachers in our schools.
14. Her chronic back pain made daily tasks challenging.
15. The chronic traffic congestion frustrated commuters.
16. He struggled with chronic insomnia for years.
17. The region faced chronic water shortages during the drought.
18. Chronic stress can have a detrimental impact on health.
19. The patient's chronic cough concerned the doctor.
20. Chronic procrastination hindered his productivity.
21. They dealt with chronic issues in their relationship.
22. Chronic unemployment was a persistent problem in the area.
23. The organization addressed chronic inefficiencies in its processes.
24. Chronic overuse of the resource led to its depletion.



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