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How to pronounce pugilist (audio)

Dictionary definition of pugilist

A person who fights with their fists, typically in a boxing match.
"The pugilist landed a devastating blow to his opponent's jaw."

Detailed meaning of pugilist

The term pugilist is often used interchangeably with the term boxer. Pugilists are highly skilled athletes who train for years to develop the physical and mental attributes necessary to compete in the ring. They must possess exceptional speed, strength, endurance, and agility, as well as sharp reflexes and quick thinking. In addition to their physical prowess, pugilists must also have a deep understanding of strategy and technique in order to outmaneuver their opponents and emerge victorious. While pugilism can be a dangerous and brutal sport, many people enjoy watching it for its sheer excitement and the display of human athleticism and determination.

Example sentences containing pugilist

1. The skilled pugilist entered the ring with confidence.
2. The crowd cheered as the pugilist delivered a knockout punch.
3. He trained tirelessly to become a renowned pugilist.
4. The young pugilist aspired to win a world championship.
5. The pugilist's agility and footwork impressed his coach.
6. She watched her favorite pugilist's fights with enthusiasm.

History and etymology of pugilist

The noun 'pugilist' traces its origins to the Latin word 'pugil,' which means 'boxer' or 'fighter.' In ancient Rome, 'pugil' referred to individuals who engaged in the sport of boxing, a popular and often brutal form of combat. This term later found its way into Old French as 'pugiliste' and eventually into English as 'pugilist.' 'Pugilist' specifically describes a person who fights with their fists, typically in the context of a boxing match. It emphasizes the use of physical prowess and skill in hand-to-hand combat. The etymology of 'pugilist' underscores its historical connection to the sport of boxing and the tradition of hand-to-hand combat, highlighting the role of fighters who rely on their fists as their primary weapons.

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Further usage examples of pugilist

1. The legendary pugilist's legacy inspired many aspiring fighters.
2. The pugilist's fists were his most powerful weapons.
3. The pugilist's dedication to his craft was unwavering.
4. The pugilist's knockout record was unmatched in the sport.
5. The pugilist's strategy was to tire out his opponents.
6. The crowd roared as the pugilist dodged a jab.
7. The pugilist's corner provided valuable advice between rounds.
8. The pugilist's quick reflexes saved him from a devastating punch.
9. The pugilist's journey from amateur to pro was impressive.
10. The pugilist's training regimen was grueling but effective.
11. The pugilist's opponent was a formidable challenger.
12. The pugilist's victory in the title bout was celebrated worldwide.
13. The pugilist's knockout punch left his opponent unconscious.
14. The pugilist's signature move was a powerful uppercut.
15. The pugilist's determination to win was unmatched.
16. The pugilist's charisma made him a fan favorite.
17. The pugilist's career spanned over a decade of epic battles.
18. The pugilist's knockout rate was a testament to his skill.
19. The retired pugilist now coaches the next generation of fighters.



boxer, pacifist, peacemaker, noncombatant


Suffix -ist, Competition and Rivalry, Conflict and Disagreement, Chaos and Conflict, Effort and Exertion, Tactical Maneuvers and Control, Conflict and Conquest

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