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How to pronounce pulverize (audio)


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Dictionary definition of pulverize

To reduce something to very fine particles or dust through a process of intense grinding, crushing, or smashing.
"The construction crew used a jackhammer to pulverize the concrete sidewalk."

Detailed meaning of pulverize

It implies the complete destruction or fragmentation of a solid object or substance into tiny, often almost imperceptible, fragments. This term is frequently associated with forceful, mechanical, or high-energy processes, such as using heavy machinery to pulverize rocks into gravel or pulverizing ingredients in a blender to create a fine powder. 'Pulverize' conveys a sense of thorough and irreversible destruction, as the original structure or form of the object is obliterated, and it highlights the transformation of matter into minuscule particles, rendering it unrecognizable in its previous state.

Example sentences containing pulverize

1. The blender can easily pulverize fruits and vegetables into a smoothie.
2. The boxer managed to pulverize his opponent with a series of devastating punches.
3. The powerful waves of the storm surge were able to pulverize the beach sand.
4. The chef used a mortar and pestle to pulverize the herbs and spices into a paste.
5. The earthquake was so strong that it was able to pulverize entire buildings into rubble.
6. The demolition team will pulverize the old building before constructing a new one.

History and etymology of pulverize

The verb 'pulverize' traces its etymological roots to the Latin word 'pulvis,' which means 'dust' or 'powder.' The term 'pulverizare' in Latin meant to crush or grind something into a fine dust or powder. This sense of turning solid substances into tiny particles became associated with the modern usage of 'pulverize.' Therefore, the etymology of 'pulverize' aptly captures the concept of reducing something to very fine particles or dust through intense grinding, crushing, or smashing, reflecting its contemporary meaning. It emphasizes the transformation of matter into a fine, powdery state, often achieved through mechanical or forceful means.

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Further usage examples of pulverize

1. The manufacturing plant uses a specialized machine to pulverize scrap metal into tiny pieces.
2. The heavy machinery can pulverize rocks and stones into gravel for construction use.
3. The factory worker accidentally got his hand caught in the machine that pulverizes plastic pellets.
4. The meteor impact was so powerful that it was able to pulverize the earth beneath it.
5. The blender blade is designed to pulverize ice cubes into snow-like consistency for frozen drinks.
6. The industrial machine will pulverize rocks into fine powder for construction.
7. He used a mortar and pestle to pulverize herbs into a fragrant seasoning blend.
8. The powerful blender can pulverize fruits and ice for smoothies.
9. The demolition crew will pulverize the old building into rubble.
10. The hammer's force will pulverize the concrete block with ease.
11. The earthquake had the potential to pulverize entire buildings.
12. The tornado could pulverize houses, leaving nothing but debris.
13. The crash threatened to pulverize the car into a mangled wreck.
14. The grinder will pulverize coffee beans for a rich brew.
15. The impact of the collision could pulverize the fragile glassware.
16. The chef will pulverize garlic cloves for the sauce.
17. The sledgehammer can pulverize concrete with a few strikes.
18. The heavy machinery will pulverize rocks in the quarry.
19. The meteorite could pulverize the Earth's surface upon impact.
20. The explosion had enough force to pulverize the building's walls.
21. The tornado's winds can pulverize anything in its path.
22. The stamp mill was used to pulverize ore for mining.
23. The hydraulic press can pulverize materials with tremendous pressure.
24. The machine will pulverize scrap metal for recycling.
25. The volcanic eruption can pulverize volcanic rock into ash.
26. The woodchipper can pulverize branches into mulch.
27. The crusher will pulverize limestone into gravel for construction.
28. The avalanche could pulverize trees and structures beneath it.
29. The rockslide threatened to pulverize anything in its way.
30. The powerful drill can pulverize hard surfaces like concrete.



crush, assemble, construct, build


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