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How to pronounce shatter (audio)


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Dictionary definition of shatter

To break or causing something to break violently into numerous pieces, often with a loud noise and considerable force.
"The earthquake was powerful enough to shatter the foundations of the buildings."

Detailed meaning of shatter

It implies the complete destruction or fragmentation of an object, substance, or structure, resulting in the dispersion of its constituent parts. When something shatters, it typically undergoes a sudden and forceful rupture, resulting in the loss of its original form or integrity. The action of shattering can be caused by physical impact, extreme pressure, or a combination of forces. It conveys a sense of dramatic and irreparable damage, often associated with a sense of suddenness or unexpectedness. The verb "shatter" is commonly used to describe the breaking of glass, ceramics, or fragile objects, but it can also be used metaphorically to depict the destruction or disintegration of abstract concepts, relationships, or dreams. Overall, "shatter" captures the concept of a violent and complete breakage, often resulting in the dispersion and loss of the original entity.

Example sentences containing shatter

1. The glass vase fell to the ground and began to shatter into pieces.
2. His dreams were beginning to shatter as obstacles piled up.
3. The loud crash made everyone jump as the window began to shatter.
4. Her heart felt like it was about to shatter into a million fragments.
5. The rock hit the windshield and caused it to shatter instantly.
6. The unexpected news had the power to shatter their plans for the future.

History and etymology of shatter

The verb 'shatter' has an etymology that vividly captures its explosive nature. It is derived from the Old English word 'sceaterian,' which meant 'to break into pieces' or 'to scatter.' This Old English term can be traced back to the Proto-Germanic word '*skautaz,' which conveyed the idea of breaking or splitting apart with force. 'Shatter' aptly describes the action of breaking or causing something to break violently into numerous pieces, often accompanied by a loud noise and considerable force. Its etymology underscores the abrupt and forceful nature of this action, highlighting the idea of fragmentation and the disintegration of solid objects.

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Further usage examples of shatter

1. The earthquake caused buildings to shake and windows to shatter.
2. The explosion was so intense that it could shatter the nearby buildings.
3. The singer's powerful voice had the ability to shatter glass.
4. The delicate porcelain figurine slipped from her hand and started to shatter on the floor.
5. The shocking revelation threatened to shatter their trust in each other.
6. The thunderclap was so loud that it seemed to shatter the silence of the night.
7. The loud bang made him jump, and his glass of water began to shatter.
8. The realization of his betrayal had the potential to shatter their friendship forever.
9. The sound of the gunshot seemed to shatter the calmness of the room.
10. The car accident caused the windshield to shatter into tiny fragments.
11. The unexpected failure had the power to shatter his confidence.
12. The pitcher's throw caused the batter's bat to shatter into pieces.
13. The high-pitched screech made her ears feel like they were about to shatter.
14. The mirror slipped from her grasp and hit the ground, causing it to shatter instantly.



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