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How to pronounce purlieu (audio)


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Dictionary definition of purlieu

A district or area on the edge of a town or city, or a piece of land on the outskirts of a forest or estate.
"The house was situated on the purlieu of the forest."


Detailed meaning of purlieu

Purlieus were traditionally areas where certain activities were restricted, such as hunting or grazing, or areas where certain rights or privileges applied. In modern times, the term is used more generally to refer to any area on the outskirts or edges of a place, or any area that is adjacent to or connected with a larger region. Purlieus can be rural or urban, and can encompass a variety of landscapes, from farmland to woodlands to suburban neighborhoods.

Example sentences containing purlieu

1. The hiker wandered through the purlieu, enjoying the sights and sounds of nature.
2. The wildlife sanctuary was located within the purlieu of the city.
3. The village's purlieu was filled with quaint shops and cafes.
4. The purlieu around the lake was a popular spot for picnics.
5. The purlieu of the park was filled with joggers and bikers.
6. The castle's purlieu was surrounded by a moat.

History and etymology of purlieu

The noun 'purlieu' has an etymology with connections to both French and Latin. It originated from the Old French word 'pouraler,' which means 'to go through' or 'wander.' This term was derived from the Latin word 'prolator,' which means 'to carry forward.' Over time, 'purlieu' in English came to describe a district or area on the edge of a town or city, often frequented for leisure or as a place for wandering, and later, a piece of land on the outskirts of a forest or estate. The term 'purlieu' emphasizes the notion of a place where one can wander or roam, reflecting its historical ties to the concept of movement and exploration in peripheral or border areas.

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Further usage examples of purlieu

1. The hounds eagerly sniffed around the purlieu, searching for the scent of the fox.
2. The purlieu was a tranquil oasis in the midst of the bustling city.
3. The children loved exploring the purlieu and discovering hidden treasures.
4. The purlieu was filled with blooming flowers and chirping birds.
5. The nobleman's estate extended into the purlieu, where his tenants worked the land.
6. We explored the quaint purlieus of the historic town, discovering hidden treasures around every corner.
7. The cottage nestled in the peaceful purlieu of the dense forest, offering a tranquil retreat.
8. The park's serene purlieu provided an ideal escape from the bustling city, a quiet haven for relaxation.
9. He enjoyed leisurely walks in the scenic purlieus of the metropolis, savoring its diverse neighborhoods.
10. The wildlife thrived in the untouched purlieu of the nature reserve, where nature remained undisturbed.
11. The cozy cafe, a local favorite, was tucked away in the charming purlieus of the bustling neighborhood.
12. She discovered a delightful artisanal market in the vibrant purlieu of the city center, filled with unique crafts.
13. The mansion stood proudly on the elegant purlieu of the sprawling estate, surrounded by manicured gardens.
14. The hiking trail wound through the breathtaking purlieus of the majestic mountains, offering stunning vistas.
15. The purlieus of the ancient castle held centuries-old stories, waiting to be uncovered.
16. The bustling marketplace thrived in the lively purlieu of downtown, a hub of activity and culture.
17. The tranquil village was situated in the idyllic purlieu of the meandering river, a picturesque setting.
18. The park's scenic purlieu provided an ideal location for birdwatchers, with diverse avian species.
19. The vibrant nightlife scene flourished in the energetic purlieus of the city, with clubs and theaters.
20. His remote cottage was hidden in the serene purlieu of the dense forest, a true secluded retreat.
21. The historic district came alive in the bustling purlieus of the city's core, preserving its heritage.
22. The meadow, a lush expanse, was located in the pastoral purlieu of the countryside, surrounded by fields.
23. The charming inn was nestled in the cozy purlieus of the village, providing a welcoming atmosphere.
24. The old cemetery sat in the somber purlieu of the church, a place of reflection and remembrance.
25. The playground was a beloved spot in the family-friendly purlieu, filled with laughter and play.



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