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How to pronounce pursuit (audio)

Dictionary definition of pursuit

Actively seeking or chasing after something, often with a sense of purpose or determination.
"His pursuit of happiness led him to quit his job and travel the world."

Detailed meaning of pursuit

This term is commonly used to describe efforts to achieve a goal, pursue a career or hobby, or follow a passion or interest. A pursuit can be a long-term or short-term endeavor, and it may involve significant effort, sacrifice, or risk. Pursuits can be both individual or collective, and they may involve competition or collaboration with others. Pursuits can take many different forms, such as intellectual pursuits, physical pursuits, artistic pursuits, or spiritual pursuits. Overall, the noun pursuit connotes a sense of focus, drive, and dedication to achieving a desired outcome or objective.

Example sentences containing pursuit

1. The athlete's pursuit of excellence earned her multiple gold medals.
2. The police were in pursuit of the suspect who fled on foot.
3. Her pursuit of knowledge led her to pursue a career in academia.
4. The artist's pursuit of perfection led her to spend countless hours on her work.
5. The company's pursuit of profit led to a decrease in employee benefits.
6. The team's pursuit of the championship motivated them to train harder.

History and etymology of pursuit

The noun 'pursuit' has its etymological origins in Old French and Latin. It comes from the Old French word 'poursuite,' which is a derivative of the verb 'poursuir,' meaning 'to pursue' or 'to chase.' This term, in turn, traces its roots to the Latin word 'prosequi,' consisting of 'pro,' meaning 'forward,' and 'sequi,' meaning 'to follow.' In its earliest sense, 'pursuit' was associated with the act of actively seeking or chasing after something, often with a sense of purpose or determination, much like one follows a path or a course. Over time, 'pursuit' broadened to encompass various endeavors, activities, and goals that individuals actively strive to achieve. Thus, the etymology of 'pursuit' highlights its historical connection to the idea of actively following and striving for a particular aim or objective.

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Further usage examples of pursuit

1. The environmentalist's pursuit of sustainability drove her to start a nonprofit organization.
2. The scientist's pursuit of discovery led to groundbreaking research.
3. The student's pursuit of a degree required dedication and hard work.
4. The musician's pursuit of fame led him to perform in small venues across the country.
5. The writer's pursuit of a best-selling novel inspired her to write every day.
6. Her relentless pursuit of knowledge led to numerous academic achievements.
7. The pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human endeavor.
8. His career in law enforcement began with a strong pursuit of justice.
9. The pursuit of excellence is at the core of their company's values.
10. In the wilderness, the pursuit of survival requires resourcefulness.
11. She found solace in the pursuit of painting as a form of self-expression.
12. The pursuit of adventure took them to remote and unexplored lands.
13. The pursuit of inner peace often involves meditation and mindfulness.
14. For many, the pursuit of love is a lifelong journey.
15. His pursuit of success in the business world was unwavering.
16. In the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, she embraced regular exercise.
17. The pursuit of a cure for the disease became their life's mission.
18. The pursuit of artistic innovation pushed boundaries and broke norms.
19. Their shared pursuit of social justice united them in a common cause.
20. The pursuit of financial stability required careful budgeting and saving.
21. In the pursuit of happiness, people often seek meaningful relationships.
22. His pursuit of adventure led to thrilling experiences around the world.
23. The pursuit of knowledge fuels scientific discoveries and breakthroughs.
24. The pursuit of a better future for their children motivated their hard work.
25. The pursuit of dreams requires determination and perseverance.



chase, avoidance, neglect, disregard


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