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How to pronounce endeavor (audio)

Dictionary definition of endeavor

A determined effort or attempt to accomplish a specific goal or task.
"The scientist's endeavour to find a cure for the disease was commendable."

Detailed meaning of endeavor

It involves a conscious and focused effort to achieve something that may be challenging, difficult, or time-consuming. Endeavors can range from personal goals such as learning a new skill or taking up a new hobby, to professional aspirations like starting a business or advancing in a career. The word implies a certain level of persistence and dedication, as well as the willingness to take on risks and overcome obstacles in pursuit of a desired outcome. Successful endeavors often require careful planning, hard work, and a willingness to learn from failures and setbacks along the way. Overall, the noun "endeavor" is synonymous with effort, undertaking, and enterprise, and represents a fundamental aspect of human drive and ambition.

Example sentences containing endeavor

1. The team embarked on a new endeavor to develop groundbreaking technology.
2. She poured her heart and soul into every creative endeavor she pursued.
3. Despite the challenges, they approached the endeavor with unwavering determination.
4. The nonprofit organization was dedicated to supporting educational endeavors in underprivileged communities.
5. The athlete's relentless training and perseverance were evident in every endeavor.
6. Their joint endeavor resulted in a successful business venture.

History and etymology of endeavor

The noun 'endeavor' has an etymology that can be traced back to Latin and Old French. It is derived from the Old French word 'endever,' which means 'an effort' or 'an attempt.' 'Endeavor' also has Latin roots, particularly from the verb 'in' meaning 'in' or 'toward,' and 'de' meaning 'down' or 'completely,' which together formed 'in-de-venire,' signifying 'to make an effort' or 'to strive.' 'Endeavor' entered the English language in the late Middle Ages and refers to a determined effort or attempt to accomplish a specific goal or task. Its etymology highlights the idea of putting forth a persistent and dedicated effort, echoing its Latin and Old French origins in striving toward a particular objective or outcome.

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Further usage examples of endeavor

1. The scientist's endeavor to find a cure for cancer was fueled by her passion for helping others.
2. The artist's latest endeavor showcased her innovative approach to abstract painting.
3. The company's new CEO initiated several initiatives to enhance their corporate social responsibility endeavors.
4. The team's collaborative endeavor led to a breakthrough in renewable energy research.
5. The students' endeavor to organize a charity event garnered widespread support from the community.
6. The explorer's daring endeavor to summit Mount Everest captured the world's attention.
7. The endeavor to bridge the digital divide in rural areas was met with significant challenges.
8. The writer's literary endeavors earned her critical acclaim and a dedicated following.
9. The endeavor to promote gender equality required the collective effort of society.
10. The entrepreneur's endeavor to launch a sustainable fashion brand aligned with her eco-conscious values.
11. The astronaut's space mission was a testament to human endeavors in space exploration.
12. The endeavor to establish peace in war-torn regions necessitated diplomatic negotiations.
13. The company's endeavor to reduce carbon emissions included implementing green practices across all departments.
14. The young inventor's endeavor to develop a clean energy solution earned her recognition as a rising star in the field.



effort, inaction, laziness, neglect


Prefix en-, Suffix -or, TOEFL 6, Endeavor and Pursuit, Middle School 9, Creation and Production

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