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How to pronounce quirk (audio)


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Dictionary definition of quirk

A peculiar or idiosyncratic behavior, trait, or characteristic that sets someone or something apart from the norm.
"She had a quirk of collecting vintage postcards from around the world."

Detailed meaning of quirk

Quirks are often distinctive and somewhat unusual, adding a touch of individuality or eccentricity to a person's personality or to the features of an object. These quirks can manifest as odd habits, unconventional preferences, or unique mannerisms that make someone or something memorable or different from what is expected. For instance, a person might have a quirk of always wearing mismatched socks, or a vintage car may have the quirk of a particular, one-of-a-kind design feature that distinguishes it from other cars of its era. Quirks can be endearing, charming, or simply intriguing, and they contribute to the diversity and color of human behavior and creativity.

Example sentences containing quirk

1. Her charming quirk was that she always wore mismatched socks.
2. The old house had a delightful quirk - a hidden room behind a bookshelf.
3. The quirk of the antique clock was that it chimed every hour with a different melody.
4. His quirk for solving puzzles made him the go-to person for brain teasers.
5. The character's quirk in the story was an irrational fear of heights.
6. The chef's culinary quirk was using unexpected ingredients in traditional dishes.

History and etymology of quirk

The noun 'quirk' has a somewhat whimsical etymology that brings to mind a sudden twist or turn. It is believed to have originated from the Middle English word 'querke,' which meant a sudden turn or twist in the road. This Middle English term likely evolved from the Old English word 'cwerc,' which meant a bend or turn. Over time, the meaning of 'quirk' shifted metaphorically to refer to a peculiar or idiosyncratic behavior, trait, or characteristic that sets someone or something apart from the norm. The etymology of 'quirk' thus captures the idea of a surprising deviation from the expected, as if one has taken an unexpected turn on the road of normalcy, resulting in a distinctive and eccentric quality.

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Further usage examples of quirk

1. The cat's quirk was its habit of curling up in the sink.
2. One quirk of the town was that everyone left their doors unlocked.
3. Her quirk for remembering names amazed everyone she met.
4. The artist's quirk was painting exclusively with their fingers.
5. The car's quirk was a tendency to sputter on cold mornings.
6. The quirk in the software caused unexpected crashes.
7. The restaurant's quirk was that it only served breakfast dishes all day.
8. The professor's quirk was his love for quoting obscure poets in lectures.
9. His quirk for always carrying a pocketknife came in handy during camping trips.
10. The treehouse had a unique quirk - a secret trapdoor entrance.
11. The quirk in his handwriting made it instantly recognizable.
12. The quirk of the library was the resident cat that greeted visitors at the door.
13. Her charming quirk was a penchant for collecting vintage typewriters.
14. The professor's teaching quirk was wearing mismatched socks.
15. One quirk of the old house was a hidden room behind a bookshelf.
16. His quirk for rhyming words made his poetry unique.
17. The restaurant's quirk was serving dessert before the main course.
18. Her quirky fashion sense was a delightful quirkiness.
19. The film's quirk was a talking cat that only children could understand.
20. The town's quirk was an annual tomato-throwing festival.
21. His quirk for starting every conversation with a joke lightened the mood.
22. The artist's quirk was painting with unconventional materials like coffee.
23. The company's quirk was allowing employees to bring their pets to work.
24. One quirk of the car was a sunroof that opened backward.



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