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How to pronounce peculiarity (audio)


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Dictionary definition of peculiarity

A distinctive or unusual quality, characteristic, or behavior that sets someone or something apart from the norm.
"Her habit of collecting vintage typewriters was one of her most cherished peculiarities."

Detailed meaning of peculiarity

It denotes a particular trait or feature that deviates from what is considered typical or ordinary. Peculiarities can manifest in various forms, ranging from quirks and idiosyncrasies in a person's personality to unique aspects or anomalies in an object or situation. They often capture attention or intrigue due to their distinctiveness or unconventional nature. Peculiarities can be found in language, customs, traditions, or even physical attributes. They contribute to the richness and diversity of the human experience, sparking curiosity and serving as points of interest or discussion. Embracing peculiarities can foster appreciation for individuality and promote a broader understanding and acceptance of the myriad differences that make up our world.

Example sentences containing peculiarity

1. The old house had a peculiar peculiarity—a hidden door that led to a secret room.
2. One peculiar peculiarity of the town was its tradition of celebrating Halloween in the middle of summer.
3. He had a peculiar peculiarity of always wearing mismatched socks.
4. The dog had a peculiar peculiarity of barking at his own reflection in the mirror.
5. The artist's paintings had a delightful peculiarity that captivated viewers.
6. The town's peculiarity was the annual festival where residents dressed as their favorite fictional characters.

History and etymology of peculiarity

The word 'peculiarity' has its origins in the Latin language, specifically from the word 'peculiaris,' which means 'of one's own' or 'private.' This Latin term is derived from 'peculium,' which referred to private property or wealth. Over time, 'peculiaris' evolved in meaning to signify something distinct or unique to a particular individual or thing. In English, 'peculiarity' came into use during the late 16th century, retaining the essence of being something distinctive or unusual that sets someone or something apart from the norm. Thus, its etymology reflects the concept of something being uniquely characteristic or exceptional.

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Further usage examples of peculiarity

1. The novel had a peculiar peculiarity—it was written entirely in reverse chronological order.
2. The professor's teaching style had a peculiarity of incorporating unusual props and theatrical gestures.
3. The restaurant's peculiarity was serving dessert before the main course, a delightful surprise for diners.
4. The town had a charming peculiarity—a fountain that flowed with rainbow-colored water every evening.
5. Her charming peculiarity was her habit of collecting vintage postcards.
6. The town's most intriguing peculiarity was its gravity-defying waterfall.
7. The cat's endearing peculiarity was its fondness for swimming.
8. The artist's work is known for its eccentric peculiarity.
9. The old house's peculiarities added to its mysterious allure.
10. The scientist studied the peculiarities of rare meteorites.
11. His musical peculiarity was his ability to play two instruments at once.
12. The book's peculiarities made it a cult classic among readers.
13. The mountain's peculiarity was the eerie glow it emitted at night.
14. The scientist marveled at the peculiarity of the deep-sea creatures.
15. The town's peculiarity was its annual cheese-rolling festival.
16. The child's speech had a charming peculiarity: a lisp.
17. The artist's eccentric paintings were filled with peculiarities.
18. The antique shop was known for its assortment of peculiarities.
19. The detective's keen eye spotted the peculiarities in the crime scene.
20. The village's peculiarity was the ancient tree at its center.
21. The professor was fascinated by the linguistic peculiarities of the dialect.
22. The island's most famous peculiarity was the singing sand dunes.
23. The actor's peculiarity was his talent for playing multiple roles.
24. The chef's culinary peculiarity was his use of uncommon spices.



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