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How to pronounce quisling (audio)


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Dictionary definition of quisling

A traitor who collaborates with an enemy occupying their country.
"The quisling leader was arrested and tried for treason after the war."


Detailed meaning of quisling

A quisling is a person who collaborates with an enemy occupation force, particularly one who collaborates with an invading force that has taken control of their country. The term comes from the surname of Vidkun Quisling, a Norwegian fascist who collaborated with the Nazis during the occupation of Norway in World War II. Quislings are often seen as traitors to their country, and the term is used to describe those who betray their country and its people for personal gain or out of ideological conviction. The term is often used as a derogatory term, and carries a strong connotation of dishonor and shame. In general, the term is used to describe individuals who willingly cooperate with an invading force or oppressive regime, often at the expense of their own people.

Example sentences containing quisling

1. He was accused of being a quisling, a traitor to his country.
2. The term quisling is used to describe a person who collaborates with an invading enemy.
3. The quisling government was seen as illegitimate by the majority of the population.
4. His actions during the war led many to believe that he was a quisling.
5. The quisling regime was eventually overthrown by the resistance.
6. The term quisling was coined during WWII to describe Norwegian collaborators with the Nazis.

History and etymology of quisling

The noun 'quisling' has a rather unique and historical etymology. It originates from the name of Vidkun Quisling, a Norwegian military officer and politician who collaborated with Nazi Germany during World War II. Quisling, who served as a puppet leader in Norway under German occupation, became synonymous with treacherous collaboration and betrayal. His name was adopted to describe individuals who cooperate with and aid enemy forces in their own country, essentially becoming traitors. The word 'quisling' highlights the infamy of collaboration with occupying forces and serves as a reminder of the consequences of such actions. Therefore, the etymology of 'quisling' is directly tied to the notorious figure whose name became synonymous with collaboration and betrayal during a dark period in history.

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Further usage examples of quisling

1. His betrayal was seen as a quisling act by his former comrades.
2. The quisling's actions led to the deaths of many innocent people.
3. The quisling's name has become synonymous with betrayal and treachery.
4. Hanging his head in shame, the spineless quisling was exiled for treason.
5. The quisling's actions were seen as a betrayal of his country and his people.
6. The quisling's legacy is one of shame and dishonor.
7. He was labeled a quisling for collaborating with the invaders.
8. History remembers Vidkun Quisling as a notorious quisling.
9. The wartime quisling's betrayal haunted the nation.
10. His actions during the occupation earned him the title of quisling.
11. Collaborating with the enemy, he became a quisling in his own land.
12. The quisling's treachery led to widespread suffering.
13. The quisling's actions were met with public condemnation.
14. He was arrested for his role as a quisling during the war.
15. Collaborators like him were often branded as quislings.
16. The quisling's betrayal was a stain on his family's name.
17. His fellow citizens viewed him as a quisling and a traitor.
18. The quisling's actions left a legacy of shame.
19. Quislings like him were despised by their compatriots.
20. History rarely forgets the actions of quislings.
21. The quisling's betrayal was a dark chapter in the nation's history.
22. Collaborating with the enemy, he became known as a quisling.
23. The quisling's actions during the occupation were widely condemned.
24. He faced justice for his role as a quisling.
25. Quislings often face retribution when the occupation ends.
26. The quisling's actions cast a long shadow over his legacy.



traitor, loyalist, patriot, faithful


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