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How to pronounce ramification (audio)

Dictionary definition of ramification

The complex, often unforeseen consequences, outcomes, or branches that result from a particular action, decision, event, or situation.
"The software update has an unexpected ramification on system performance."

Detailed meaning of ramification

Ramifications are like the interconnected branches of a tree, extending in various directions and affecting different aspects of a situation. When discussing 'ramifications,' it typically implies that a single action or event can have far-reaching and often unintended effects, creating a network of consequences that can impact many facets of life, society, or a particular issue. This term underscores the idea that decisions and events are rarely isolated, and understanding their full scope often requires consideration of the intricate and sometimes unpredictable web of ramifications they can generate. Ramifications can be positive or negative and are a crucial aspect of evaluating the broader implications of actions and choices.

Example sentences containing ramification

1. We need to consider the potential ramification of this policy change.
2. The environmental impact study revealed a significant ramification.
3. Economic decisions often have far-reaching ramifications.
4. The ramification of his actions is still unfolding.
5. It's important to analyze the social ramification of technology.
6. Legal experts discussed the legal ramification of the case.

History and etymology of ramification

The noun 'ramification' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'ramus,' which means 'branch.' In Latin, 'ramificatio' referred to the process of branching or dividing into smaller branches. Over time, the term 'ramification' made its way into English and evolved to describe the complex, often unforeseen consequences, outcomes, or branches that result from a particular action, decision, event, or situation. It captures the idea that just as a tree's branches extend in various directions, so too can the consequences of an event or decision lead to unexpected and complex developments. 'Ramification' thus retains its connection to the branching nature of its Latin origin while highlighting the intricate and multifaceted nature of the results that can stem from a single cause.

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Further usage examples of ramification

1. The decision had a serious ramification for the company's future.
2. Global events can have geopolitical ramifications.
3. The project's failure had financial ramifications for many.
4. Understanding the cultural ramification is essential in diplomacy.
5. We must weigh the ethical ramification of our choices.
6. The ramification of his decision became clear within days.
7. She had not foreseen this ramification when she started the project.
8. Every choice in life has a ramification, whether big or small.
9. The news had a direct ramification on stock prices.
10. Without understanding the ramification, he proceeded hastily.
11. The ramification of her words echoed through the community.
12. This policy has a significant economic ramification for small businesses.
13. The scientist studied the ramification of the chemical reaction in detail.
14. Love, as beautiful as it is, often carries a painful ramification.
15. The treaty's ramification was felt across the bordering nations.
16. To many, the event's primary ramification was a renewed sense of unity.
17. Can we anticipate the ramification before making the final call?
18. The ramification of the new law caught many by surprise.
19. Exploring the galaxy could have an unforeseen ramification on human evolution.
20. The ramification of the vote was a split nation.
21. Every technological breakthrough has its own unique ramification.
22. She overlooked the ramification of neglecting her health.
23. The ramification of the drought was evident in the withered crops.



consequence, cause, origin, source


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